Great news! He's converting!

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  1. My husband used my DE for the first time tonight and decided to convert. I'm still a newbie, i guess, been shaving my legs with a DE for about 3 months or so, maybe longer. I've especially loved being free from cartridges and hope I could get the husband off of them as well. I need to know what might be a good inexpensive starter razor for him. I've been using a Lord6 (but i'd still like to get my hands on a 40sSS or a Lady Gillette). My razor is a 3-piece jobby and I'd like to get him one with the doors that open? What type is that called and would that be a 1-piece?

    And if he started with some KMF cream, should I get him a brush to lather it up more? Don't want this to go bad, you know.
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    Wow, congrats on converting your husband (HWMBO?). I don't know much about DE's, but I'd guess you're looking for a Superspeed or a Slim. (Or a Fatboy, but I believe those tend to run a bit pricier.) I'm sure there are others, and someone with more knowledge will chime in.

    As for the brush, I find it an integral part of the shave "experience", and if you're trying to get him hooked a surprise gift of a nice brush might be a not-so-subtle shove in the right direction. :wink2:
  3. Sounds good. I think you are looking for a TTO: - and any Super Speed is a solid choice.

    When I use KMF, I use a brush. What is your budget for that? If you want to start with a good value, I like the Omega 10066 boar brush. Horse hair is good too. A quality badger tends to start around $75 and go up quickly.
  4. Yes!! TTO razor. I thought i'd heard the term "butterfly" but I thought maybe I made that up. According to the wiki, I did not. I know brushes can get spendy , I am def going to start him off with a cheap/inexpensive one though, till I know he'll stick with it. And in that time frame he'll probably be a member here and get an idea of where to go/what to get next.
  5. Tweezerman makes a good entry level badger brush with good backbone for soaps and creams. TOBS has some excellent creams, which are inexpensive. You might also consider a shaving soap that is easy to lather, like Tabac or Razorock or Cella. Great news that both of you are getting away from cartridges.
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  6. How outstanding is it that you converted your husband, thats awesome!!!! now, give me a tip to convert my wife!
  7. Congrats on converting your husband.
  8. Smart wife. Lucky guy.
  9. Congrats!
  10. Thats great you are converting your husband over to DE shaving! Im trying to convert my wife over, I was wondering if you used a brush for leg shaving, thank you for answering that for me. :001_smile
    Omega brushes seem to be a good value and can be found easily
  11. Get him an Omega Boar brush like the Pro #49 or similar.
  12. Me too. I bought a lady Gillette for SWMBO- hasn't even tried it yet b/c it's "scary". Argh
    For the razor- how about the Gillette super-adjustable? There is both the short and long handled versions. If you think he will try and stick with it- get him the short-handle version.
    if you think he will end up going back to the multi carts, get the long-handled version- that way you can end up with it, and you won't need to purchase a lady Gillette
    ***the super adjustable is not a 3 piece, but is a TTO as is the lady Gillette***
    I agree with Rabidmonkey's SOC boar suggestion- especially if it's going to end up with you :001_smile

    The Semogue 1800 is a very under-rated brush, and probably my most-versatile Semogue
    the 1438 is a great little face- lathering brush
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions! I love this place! I will definitely look into the all the brushes.

    As for converting the wife: maybe telling her she doesn't have to do the brush thing...she can just lather however she regularly does for cartridge shaving. The idea of shaving taking longer could be an obstacle. But I've found that it doesn't take much lather/cream just using my hands to get a good shave. And then maybe suggest she try going with the grain for the first couple strokes just to get a feel for the razor...only drawback there is that she's prob going ATG now and going the other way would prob be awkward.
    I do understand the "scary" thing, though. Tell her that when I was done with my legs for the first time I was comfortable enough to do my underarms right then and there.
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    +1 for the Super Speed and Tweezerman badger brush. Omega boars are good, too.
  15. A SS would be excellent, as would a Slim Adjustable or a Super Adjustable. An adjustable is 9 razors in one. You never "outgrow" it. You can compensate for blades that are milder or wilder. The adjustable will cost more than a SS but it is money well spent, I think.

    As for a brush, check out Larry's badgers at They are much bigger than a tweezerman. Well, almost anything is much bigger than a tweezerman. The bigger brush will hold more lather. The badger will hold more than a boar. A black badger can be a little scritchy, which some users like and some don't. A Pure will be softer. There are a couple other grades including the much loved Silvertip grade, and a silvertip has a silky feel on the face, though some suffer from too little backbone. I think a bigger black badger makes a great first brush. A boar is okay once it is broken in, but if a badger is the same price, why settle for a boar? Boars do have their fans, though.

    Of course, you can always share. :001_smile
  16. look at the razorock kits ... hard to beat on a budget.
  17. The Omega boar and a Gillette adjustable would be right. Let him have some input based on your brushes. The long handle Super Adjustable is the same dimensions as the Lady. Nothing wrong with a guy using a Lady either.

  18. these are the two razors that I mentioned in the PM, the Lady 'Gillette is the one on the left.

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  19. So thanks to the awesomeness of the B&B brothers my husband has his own razor, a Superspeed, and a brush on the way. And I have my very own Lady Gillette coming soon. Sadly, his first shave with his 'new' razor did not go well. There was blood and skin on fire. <sigh> The good news is that he's only a little deterred. Could have been a combination of things working against him (and his poor face...mostly neck). So we'll keep working on it.
    Quick question, though....if his face/neck has been cut and razor burned should he shave again the next day like he usually would? Or give it a day to "heal"?

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