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  1. Hello everybody

    In my hands I'm holding a TTO Gillette "Slim-Twist". Is there anyone who could try and date this DE Razor? There are no datestamps/codes whatsoever, the only thing there is Gillette England.

    Strange thing (?) is, that the handle is made out of plastic... Perhaps that's the "slim" part hehehe...

    Anyone? I'll see if I can make a picture ;)
  2. Is that the UK version of the "Knack"? I think knackered is a put down in the UK, so maybe they changed the name to avoid a bad connotation.
  3. The English and Canadian Knacks were sold as Super Slimtwists. It should have a dark blue handle.
  4. The U.S. Knacks have the standard dating markings. They were made from 1968-1971 in the U.S. with date marks N through R.
  5. English razors do not have the date codes unfortunately. I would imagine that the razor coincided with the US production run of the Knack.
  6. CJbianco (I think) has a thread somewhere on this -

    its from the 60's, and apparently George Harrison used one in "A Hard Day's Night".

    I saw one a month ago - white handle - and passed and went back on Friday and it was gone #$$@!@

  7. Is that because they put their dates backwards?
  8. Mine has a white handle too. Tried a first shave with it today... damn, if you're not used to TTO razors it's kind of hard (allways shaved using a Gillette Tech!). After the first pass I tried to unscrew the lid just one tiny bit, daaaaaaang... nearly scraped my entire skin off :redface: :001_tongu
  9. A picture by MtGrayling, found at his thread. Its the far left razor.

  10. If that is a Knack/Slim Twist then what is this one on the right?


    BTW: Rodd now owns that Red Tip Rocket. :001_smile
  11. I always knew the one with the silver tip on it as the slim twist/knack, I wonder if the other one (white one) is a knack also, but an older or newer version? I would love to know.
    I have one from England, have not gotten it in to rotation yet, but I think even the head is plastic. Some of the chrome is worn off and it is black underneath. Can anyone confirm this?

    Yes he does, and he loves it! That one definitely found its way in to rotation! Thanks again Chris!
  12. There. Fixed it.

    -- John Gehman
  13. We just bought a Slim Twist from an antique store in B.C with the white handle and the code is 1J. Anyone have an idea of the year?

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