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  1. Hi,

    Being a veteran, military history buff, and wetshaving for a year and a half now, I thought I'd try to collect and find out some information about military razors.

    I've seen the khaki kits which are from WWI. What time period is the metal tin that I have seen from? Was that issued to troops or something that was bought at the PX? Are there any other military shaving collectibles I should be aware of?

  2. From my small collection and research:

    There were at least two Gillette Khaki sets made/sold to the U.S. Government from 1918-1920.

    There was a Gillette Military set that was a khaki-covered hard case that snapped. It was basically a Traveller set (razor, two blade holders, a soap tube, and a brush tube) covered in khaki. About 1918.

    The Gillette Service Sets (in the metal cases) were sold through retailers (at least through Sears, Roebuck) and were also from around 1918. There are at least three versions of this for the U.S. and one Canadian version. There's also one lithographed tin for the U.S.

    Both Ever-Ready and Valet Autostrop made khaki pouch razor sets for WWI.

    For WWII (and I think for the Korean conflict), Gillette and a number of other companies made razors with a Bakelite handle and a metal head. Nothing cased - just wrapped in tissue paper and in a cardboard box.

    The Bakelite razors in a Bakelite case is sometimes claimed to have been a military-issue razor, too. I don't know for sure, as I haven't found anything definitive on that.
  3. Informative post Hoos, thank you
  4. mr-razor

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    here are some examples:

  5. How come I always drool when Achim enters a thread?
  6. Beautiful razors!
  7. mr-razor

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    like this?


  8. Yes, very nice!

    It's weird...see those little black ink "x's" on either side of the Gillette diamond logo on the US Khaki? I noticed there are little scraped-in "x's" in the same place on my khaki set. What's that about you think?
  9. Can you provide a picture?
  10. Made in Canada!
  11. I actually have a number of various WWII era razors.

    The below is copied from an earlier thread.

    Just for conversation sake, here's some WWII era razors I have.

    Canadian Schick

    Gem Jr. Military

    Clix Five Hundred

    Star Military - 2nd from right

    Simplex Military - Federal Razor Company
  12. Similar. The two I have in cardboard boxes are just plain text on white cardboard - no images or color at all.

    The one I have in a Bakelite case (and what I've always seen) appears to be smaller than the one in your picture Achim.

    Will try to remember and post pictures tonight.
  13. Interesting that the WW1 vintage razors were fancier, in shiny silver boxes or in khaki. The WW2 were very pedestrian in blacked out finish.
  14. Here are the ones I have, in response to Achim's inquiry.

    Attached Files:

  15. It's difficult to capture because it's just scratched into the fabric, but if you look really hard you can see it. A hand done notch in the fabric: "X"

    There is one on either end right outside of the diamond logo. Similar to the inked-in ones I noticed in the above pictures. Curious why they're there, and surprised to see it on more than one of these cases. Hope you can see it from my pics....
  16. Just looked at my two Khaki sets (one U.S., one Canadian) and didn't see any Xs.

    Might just be coincidence. But if there is significance to it, hopefully someone will have some info to shine some light on the markings.
  17. This is some great information and pictures. Thanks guys.
  18. How about WWII German DE's?
  19. I came across a Simplex 7 on ebay just now. The handle looks great. Hadn't seen one before. Checking 'Completed Listings' it looks like you can get them fairly cheap.
  20. Just love the looks on the khaki sets! Wouldnt mind having one of those with me in the field...

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