GFT Coconut Oil Shaving Cream!

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  1. Being new to wet shaving, I have only tried one true shaving cream (outside of Edge gel, which doesn't count), which is Body Shop Maca Root. Upon reading members' reviews of GFT Coconut shaving cream, I decided I had to know for myself (thank you to the enablers here:001_tongu). I expect it here tomorrow so of course I will not shave again until it arrives, starting today). I have a new Astra Platinum blade ready to complement the new cream. I am pairing it like a wine to a steak dinner. I am totally pumped about trying it out. I know it seems weird to be looking forward to such a small thing and usually boring activity, but damn, I found this wet shaving thing to be fun!
  2. We all get giddy like that at some point and look forward to pairings. To show an example of how nutty some of us are. Some days I think about pairing my blade, razor, brush, pre-shave, cream or soap, after shave splash and or balm and cologne. As you can probably already ascertain, it can get crazy. But also a lot fun. I happen to be a huge fan of GFT Coconut Oil Shaving Cream. I just wish the coconut scent was a tad bit stronger. Try pairing with with their lime skin food for either pre or post shave. Also, if you really enjoy their coconut shave cream, you might want to try either their coconut shampoo or DR. Harris's Coconut cream conditioner. I use the conditioner and it's an amazing product.

  3. Mine just arrived today and it is absolutely amazing! I paired it with RR lime wax and Captain's choice splash, as close as I will come to the tropic this winter.
  4. Hell yeah, bro. That's a nice combo.
  5. Marco

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    It's my favourite Trumpers cream. Love the scent, love the lather.
  6. Excellent recommendation, gentlemen, to pair that with a lime aftershave! I now have something else to order! I can get some Crabtree & Evelyn west India lime ASB to tide me over (seriously, that is a great suggestion to use lime aftershave!).

    Mheusler, thanks for validating my excitement over this. The wife was questioning my
  7. lol, most of us have been there as well. She'll come around. It might take a couple of years.......or decades, but eventually she'll come around lol.

  8. It's an amazing cream and so easy to lather. I get great post shave feel from it and no issues with slickness or cushion.

    i am currently working my way thu a tub until its will be replaced in the future, that is for sure.

    it pairs nicely with any AS.
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  9. Congrats. As others have said here,its also my absolutely favorite Trumpers cream One of my top 3 or 5 all time creams. Superb !

  10. I have just opened my first ever tub of Trumpers coconut. It shaves very well but I am disappointed with the scent. I was expecting a much stronger coconut scent. Excellent cream though, and maybe one that will grow on me as some others have
  11. It is indeed a very good product. It kind of leaves hydration an lubrication to your skin after you rinse it off, which I really like. Sometimes this even allows me to skip the aftershave. I also like the lightness of the scent : you can put a cologne and it won't interfere.
  12. @ Drran.

    Welcome to the world of wetshaving. Trying new products, blades, gear, etc is a large part of the satisfaction. For many, actually getting a DFS is a secondary bonus!
  13. Your excitement is well warranted this stuff is great! I used it again today. Same results, great lather, nice shave, and excellent post shave. Probably my top cream so far.:thumbup1:

    I live with roommates, so I have no one significant to question my sanity.
  14. Just got back from walking my dog and on the front porch was my package of the shaving cream. Yay! I haven't opened it yet....I'm kind of savoring the moment.

    MaxP, that is so true about a DFS being just the bonus!

    Jason, I now have to convince her why I will need to get new razors, new types of cream, ASB, etc. Enjoy your situation while you can! Lol
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  15. Tell us how your first shave with it goes! :)
  16. One of my favourites.
    Always a regular in my rotation.

  17. I may prefer the rose, but the coconut is wonderful too and a mainstay in my rotation.
  18. The first shave with this new cream went very well! I would say it went great, but I made a rookie mistake - I let my face get too dry while playing with the lather. That resulted in some burn on the neck. I was amazed at how little it took to get a great lather going, and so I decided to just keep going on building a lather and delayed getting the actual shave going. I think I also added a bit too much pressure at times since I had a 2.5 day growth going. Chalk it up to operator error. The scent was very mild (I also kept stopping to smell the lather, too). Otherwise, the cream is awesome and am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow, but with fewer mistakes this time.:blush:
  19. Coconut oil Trumpers cream is in my top 3 favorites which also include Truefitt & Hill (all scents) and penhaligon's blenheim bouquet cream
  20. Glad the first shave went well. It is easy to get too wrapped up in making that perfect lather at times.

    It is too easy for me to justify purchase to myself, especially spending time on B&B. Hmmm, Truefitt & Hill top 3 you say....

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