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  1. Trying to do a poll of Geo F. Trumpers and trying to see which is the best? Is it Violet, Coconut, Rose or Almond? Should it even be worth trying if you have used TOBS before?

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  2. Can you clarify your question? I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.
  3. Sorry, that wasn't english lol.
  4. Trumper is a very high quality Enblish shaving cream. Just pick the scent you like and it will perform well for you.
  5. Spend the $6 to buy their sample pack from the Trumpers website (includes the cost of shipping from the UK).

    You can decide for yourself which you like best. You may find that you like one of their other scents even better than the ones you listed above! Plus, you'll receive some of their cologne samples as well.

    Terrific place to start.
  6. I wouldn't think that having used TOBS excludes one from using Trumpers. I had two TOBS creams (Eton College & Rose) in my rotation and have used them up. I replaced them wtih Trumper's Coconut which is very good and an amazing scent. I view this as more of a need to change scents than change brands.
  7. The only difference I've seen between ToBS and Trumpers is their consistency. ToBS, IMHO, is much thicker where Trumpers seems as though it's had air 'whipped' into the cream. Not saying one is better or you get more with one since it's measured out by weight, just different.
  8. It's six pounds, isn't it? Would translate to...12 bucks or so, I guess?

    Still a steal for what you get.

    OP: I prefer the Sandlewood myself, but only for the scent. All their creams that I've tried seem to perform equally well.
  9. B&B user The Pastor aka Thomas from Denmark turned me on to the coconut cream, it's in the mail :)
  10. Violet is nice and makes purple lather....
  11. I personally enjoy the scent of coconut.
  12. Love the Coconut, but after a puck and a half of the Coconut Oil Soap, I'd go with the Rose.
  13. They're my absolute favorite creams. I'm not a fan of TOBS, but of course, it has a lot of fans on the board. To me at least, the Trumpers creams are more moisturizing and offer more cushion.

    My favorites are the Limes, Coconut, Almond and GFT, with Almond and Coconut being the most cushioning and moisturizing.

  14. The lather I got out of GFT Violet was always white...

  15. This thread inspired me to purchase one of these sampler packs.

    Right now the 6 pound price tag translates to about $10USD. That's what Paypal charged me for it at least.

    Now I just need to sit by the mailbox and wait...
  16. Not exactly sure how GFT bills their sample pack. Regardless of what the site said, I got them for about $6 with shipping - twice! I remember that I was surprised the actual bill was lower than expected. But that was over a year ago.
  17. Mine was more of a lilac colour than a purple. It is a fantastic smelling cream though.
  18. The GFT scent is my favorite, closely followed by rose.
  19. GFT, Rose and Violet are my favs.

    TOBS is excellent also. Get the samplers for sure.

    - Aaron
  20. I have the rose and like it very much. It has more of a perfume scent than you would think. Doesn't linger though. Lathers great.

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