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  1. I bought a Micromatic not knowing anything about it because I'd never seen anything like it before, I like bright and shiny things, and it was only $3. Anyway, I was in the garage sitting at my bench cleaning it and thought to myself that my paint scraper blades would probably fit. So, I grabbed a blade and sure enough, it sat right in there! After reading some threads here about GEMs, I've learned they along with SE in general have a cult-like following. Anyway, is there a difference in the hardware store blades vs the multiple others and the ptfe coated?



  2. Bimmerman,

    The for 'laboratory use' / 'industrial use' PTFE coated stainless blades are made for use microtomes, and are definitely sharp and smooth enough for shaving.

    I use the GEM PTFE Coated Stainless blades with complete satisfaction in my GEM & Ever-Ready SE razors.

    The hardware store blades are generally made for utility use - paint scraping etc, and may or may not be good for shaving. You would have to try and see, though many have reported less than stellar results :(

    IIRC, somebody posted some pictures here at B&B showing the differences in edge & bevels WRT the various natures of SE blades.

    I would take the safe and certain path and use the GEM PTFE Coated Stainless or their equivalents :)

    Good luck !

    Have fun !

    Best regards

  3. That's a great deal for a bullet-tip Micromatic in good condition as yours seems to be. Do a search on SE blades in the Blade forum to find out sources for good blades for it. The paint scraper blades will fit but will also scrape vs. shave your face.
  4. Your local Walgreens will have SE blades in the shaving section. The Gem blades they carry are made by Personna.

    Congrats on the nice looking razor. I have two Gem SE's and they shave very well. When you start, know that the angle of attack is different than with DE because the head doesn't bend the blade like a DE head.
  5. I tried a scraper/box cutter type blade in a Gem once...once. It surprisingly didn't pull or tug and was pretty smooth. However, it didn't actually shave much stubble off. I guess it just glided over it. Didn't try against the grain though.
  6. Hello from a fellow Hoosier! That is a Gem Flying Wing and was introduced in 1947. Some came with a small circular indented area on the top plate that was known as the Guiding Eye and was supposed to help keep the angle right, but I can't tell if yours has that or not in the pictures. It was the last of the three Micromatic models that were made and is generally considered the "mildest" of the three.

    As was mentioned stainless blades made by Personna/American Safety Razor can be found at Walgreesn. Rite Aid sells Treets and CVS sells their own brand of SE blades, plus you can find Gem Blue Star blades at some independent drug and grocery stores. The Treet, Blue Star and CVS bldes are carbon steel and will rust quickly if left in the razor wet so they do need to be dried and stored in a dry environment between uses. Even though the carbon steel blades need a little extra maintenance I prefer them over the stainless blades, which, by the way, are still very good blades and are preferred by a lot of guys.

    Get some blades and give it a try, the SE's are great razors.
  7. Do not use the paint scraper blades. You can get 10 blades for $4-$5 at most supermarkets a d drug stores. I would get the stainless blades and avoid the "Blue Star" carbon steel blades. Those tend to rust quickly.
  8. Has anyone mentioned not to use scaper blades? Well, don't! And that can't be repeated enough.

    Welcome to the cult! Please don your black robes and make your way to the sacrificial altar.
  9. Nice Haul!
  10. It's been mentioned a couple of times not to use hardware store blades, but no one has said anything about the cult dues and where to send the money.
  11. Thanks for the information everyone. As far as angle is concerned, my assumption was laying the head flat against the face to start, yes? Hoosier, it's not a "guiding eye" model, just flat. Thanks for the info regarding the specific model. Going to see my daughter's new apartment this afternoon and I'll pick up some blades and leave my scraper blades in the garage. :wink2:
  12. Welcome to the GEMocracy! Nice score for 3 bucks.

    +1 on NOT using hardware store blades.

    Yes, start with it flat against the face and then tilt up a bit until you hear it cutting. The angle is pretty intuitive, and you'll soon feel where it's right. Use a very light touch!
  13. Again, no hardware store blades. Gem acutally makes two blades now. One is carbon steel, the other laeled Gem super stainless by Personna is a much better blade, lasts longer and seems sharper. I like them so well I bought about 250 when I found an on line vendor with a very good price.
  14. Use hardware store SE blades*

    *Just don't expect them to cut anything ;)
  15. The name "Flying Wing" is quite an interesting tidbit to me because it was in 1947 that the USAF was formed as a separate service branch. Anyway, picked up some blades this afternoon from Meijer. They're stainless, made in Korea, and labeled as "platinum chrome blades" on the package. The test comes tomorrow!
  16. I tend to be a cheap bastard, so when I got my Gem Micromatic I opted for a pack of hardware store blades. I quickly learned there is such a thing as cheap and such a thing as stupid. Spring for the extra cost of blades designed to shave and you will not be disappointed.
  17. it won't be long till you'll have an OC MM. Easily one of the best shavers in my arsenal. I love it
  18. Listen to the Gem, it will speak to you. The louder it gets, the better your angle. If it's being quiet, then there's either nothing left to cut, or you're cutting nothing. Enjoy the audible feedback and adjust your angle on the fly to get the best shaves of your life.
  19. has anyone tried it? if anyone could shave with one,,, id bet it would be me.

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