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  1. Since I went on vacation I scored a Gold Aristocrat razor the first I've ever seen and now a Silver Aristocrat both with the notched center post placing them as 1948 both with no noticable plate loss I also found this other razor it says pat. jan 1920 u.s.a./ Gillette made in U.S.A./seriel #527199B again no noticable plate loss was tarnished jet black when I got it, a few minutes with scubbing bubbles, toothpaste and brush and a polishing cloth and it looks like this:001_rolle I'm not sure what it is if any one knows please let me know. Best of all I've less than $30 invested in these 3 razors:lol:

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  2. Very nice! I've been on the lookout to replace my gold Aristocrat with a silver
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    I think the Gillette Aristocrat is one of thier best vintage razors
  4. The crazy thing is I almost didn't try it when I picked it up because I'm just not into gold. It is a fantastic razor though
  5. Nice score!
  6. U.S.A./seriel #527199B

    1925 New Improved,
  7. Good haul, Bob! Your "silver Aristocrat" is probably a Gillette President with a rhodium-plated handle. They started in '53, so that one probably has a date code. The silver 3-piece is a New Improved model as Ken said, and with a 1925 serial number it could have been part of a New Standard, Bostonian or Richwood set.
  8. Phenomenal price for those three razors. All very collectible and in demand (especially that President). Best of all, you can shave with them until you are 150 years old.
  9. Wow, those are nice :ouch1:
  10. The reason the 1925 new improved was tarnished black is because it is coated in real silver, I got my 1923 Richwood by noticing the color of the tarnish
  11. Nice scores, especially the President...
  12. The rhodium handled president does have a date code a-1 so i'm guessing it's a 55' thanks for the help guys
  13. Great score Bob! The aristocrat is my favorite razor to shave with.

    Justin - It's like your reading my mind man, I feel the same way! :punk:

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