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  1. I bought a Feather Popular razor for a friend of mine, and she was kind enough to let me try it. It was quite an impressive shaver, especially given its light weight and low price ($18).

    Has anyone else tried this razor?

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  2. Yes, and that is a very good one to start with. You can find them under reviews. It is a good, mild shaver.
  3. I tried it about 6 months ago in my first foray to DE shaving. It cut my face to pieces and I threw it in the bin and stuck to cartridges. On my second foray I bought a Muhle and immediately appreciated the quality and after 2 weeks DE shaving my face is in good condition, I am getting shaves like I've never before experienced and I wouldn't go anywhere a Feather Popular again in my life!
  4. Hiya,

    I used the Popular a few months ago and it was an interesting experience. I tried it with two different blades (Iridium and Feather) to see which worked best, and the Feather blade's the only way to go with this razor.

    The Popular is the mildest shaving tool I've used. I've heard the Weishi's very mild also, but never tried em. I found only the sharpest blade was effective, since the Iridium just couldn't perform like it usually would in my other razors.

    I actually sorta enjoyed shaving with such a mild razor. It tamed the Feather blade right down, which only my fatboy is capable of. It was fun using a razor that's so difficult to cut yourself with. I did need to go over a few spots, even with the Feather, but no big deal.

    I thought the build was good. Doors opened and closed without problems, and the TTO moved smoothly. A light metal head and plastic handle keep it from having any real weight, but that's the deal. It seemed to me a good value, IF you enjoy a very mild razor. Otherwise it may prove a bit frustrating. The razor feels like it's set on #2 on the Gillette adjustables.

    I'll also quickly mention the Feather Portable is a totally different razor from what I've read. It's supposed to be a fair bit more aggressive than the Popular, and is modeled after a Tech head.

  5. really quite nice..good all around razor. They also have the metal travel model and the all new must have FEATHER STAINLESS. The Popular is the best buy in the industry and if you are smart..master it and you will never spend another dime except for the other 5000 items you must have to complete your RAD and OC conditions!!!
  6. I have the feather portable, and it's a great value. I'd love to try the popular and compare.
  7. A good quality, value razor. This was the DE I used and still occasionally pull it out. Actually, the last two days I shaved with it and got great results.:thumbup1:
  8. If you've used the portable, the popular is on the opposite side of the scale. By far the mildest razor I have used. Its milder than the tech as well.
  9. I have question about Popular.
    Are the metal surfaces on it coating of something non-metal??
    Or are they all metal??
  10. The TTO doors and twist knob on it are all metal. The rest of the razor is plastic. But it is well-built.
  11. I purchased a Feather Popular last week, and took it for it's first two shaves this weekend. It's too mild, and too lightweight for my tastes, but it is certainly a good (and value priced) razor none the less. :001_tongu:001_tongu

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