Feather Artist SS or Parker SR1 to Start

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  1. Definitely new to this, but have done a lot of research on both of these razors already. I've been DE shaving for a bit, but the shave from safety razors is just too mild and I've found the straight razor shave I get from my barber to be much closer and I'm ready to dive in, nicks and cuts be damned.

    I'm active duty military, full time student and I freelance design on the side so a disposable straight is definitely the choice for me as my time is just too scarce to hone and strop and so on. I've decided on these two razors.

    In your honest opinions how superior is the Feather to the Parker? I realize most believe the Parker is a great deal for the money and good to learn on, but if the difference is really only about 80-90 bucks then is it worth just jumping straight to the Feather? I've read about the Kai Captains as well, but can't seem to find a place to buy so a tip there would also be great. Thanks!
  2. Honestly, I'd go with the Parker first to make sure you enjoy it. The Feather is far superior to the Parker (and with the price difference, perfectly justified). You should be able to get most of your money back if you decide to opt for the Feather.
  3. The feather is fantastic, should you hate it you can certainly sell it and get almost all your money back
  4. try em both...:blush:
  5. The Parker is excellent, but is rather light feeling in your hand. The Feather is solid, and has nice heft and craftsmanship.

    Either is a great way to start.

    And since it sounds as if you are already trying to justifu the added expense, go ahead and get the Feather, you won't be dissapointed.
  6. Buy both. They are really two different animals in my mind. I have both and wouldn't bother putting them together in the same tray. Both are sharp and both can be made to give great shaves but the Feather is the nuts... the Parker is a wannabe fulshinger gizmo. The Parker works but has no class. I used to relegate it to touch up but haven't even done that for several months.

    As was said, if you decide it all sucks for you, you can sell the Feather for close to what you paid for it. You can probably sell it to me. ;-}
  7. i have used injector blades in a Parker in a pinch. in mine they do not move around easily when locked.
  8. Get the Feather, it will be WAY easier to learn on, and you can pick up a Parker later on if you want to.
    The Parker is an excellent lightweight travel companion.
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    It's like a plastic fork you get from Taco Bell vs the metal fork you get at a restaurant where "the soup is f**king ten dollars".
  10. I bet you take the nice silverware home with you, don't you?
  11. Good analogy, though!
  12. Definitely, definitely, definitely get the Feather. I haven't tried the Feather SS, but I used to own the Parker SR1 and Feather AC RG. The Feather has nice heft and balance and is much closer to a straight. The Parker SR1 is far too light. When I first used the SR1, I gave myself a good slice. After using the Feather and a couple of straights for a while, I felt confident to try the SR1 again. After the 2nd slice, I gave up on it. And by slice, I mean I got the DE blade stuck in my skin just below my side burn. Yeah, it hurt and there is still a small scar. I know the SR1 is cheap and you may be tempted to get it because of the price but I'd skip it entirely and get the Feather and save $15-$20. I know my technique could use some improvement but the simple fact is the SR1 is poorly balanced given its light weight and can be quite hazardous for a beginner.

    Instead of the Parker SR1, I'd suggest getting the Feather and potentially a "Sight Unseen" deal from Whipped Dog. Then you'll be able to compare a disposable straight with an actual straight.
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    Wanna guess where the quote was from?

    Apologies to the OP :)
  14. Well that definitely settles it, I'm getting the Feather. Thanks for the opinions guys, very much appreciated. I'm going with the Japanese style SS and am also on the hunt for a vintage Japanese straight as well if I can find it on the cheap. Can't wait to give it a try.
  15. Enjoy your SS, you won't regret it. Of all the razors I've tried the feather and KAI razors give me the best shaves (and the most pleasure in shaving).
  16. Wow... I loved that movie. Wore out the VHS version. I read the book (made from the movie script) and it had some extra dialogue that probably was cut from the movie. The book was interesting, too. The description of the birth of one of the brothers was almost poignant.

    Aaaannnnddd... to get right back on track... uh.... hell... I can't.... Sorry OP.
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    "Poignant"? I may need to find that book. :)

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