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  1. Just shaved with this little beauty. It had an original Ever Ready SE blade in it and the claim that it had never been used seems true. Fantastic shave. It's built like a tank. Heavy and lots of blade showing. I used a five shave blade and don't think I'd want to use it with a fresh one. Don't know about all you SEers out there but I tend to use milder razors with a new blade and gradually go up the aggressiveness scale as the blades gets older. That's why I need so many SE razors! It's not AD, it's an applied SE blade management procedure (bullshit words get you everywhere). If you can get hold of one they're a must in your SE arsenal. And worth every cent in my opinion.

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  2. Congrats... :prrr: I was the second bidder. :001_huh:
  3. I call my Streamline Mr. Aggro Head.:laugh: It makes an open comb Micromatic feel like a Weishi in comparison.:lol: It is a work of art though and very well made.:wink2:
  4. I haven't got an open comb Micromatic but yep, I can imagine. You've got to keep this sucker's head absolutely dead flat on your skin or it's styptic pencil time. It was one of the smoothest, painfree shaves I've had to date, but it will be a while before I stick a fresh blade in this one. So, I've got nothing to fear from the dreaded OCMM then?
  5. The Jewel and the streamline are very handsome razors. Congrats on an excellent score and a DFS.
  6. very cool, love seeing everyone using the vintage razors!
  7. The streamline is hands down my favorite razor right now. With a fresh (or even better...with one shave on it) Pella, and extra slick lather, it give incomparably good shaves.
  8. Congrats!
  9. I've got one of these coming from a B&B member in Great Britain. Glad to hear such a glowing review!
  10. I love the streamline. I have 2 that were basically NOS...one like yours and one with the stropper. I also have 2 other sets with the stropper (don't ask why so many...I was in the fit of RAD for one of these and put in bids on several razors and they all seemed to come together at once :blushing:). I love this razor. I have been using a OCMM for a few months now but I keep coming back to this razor. It is just about the perfect blend of smoothness and aggressivity (is that a word?). It is very hard to explain how smooth it feels yet how effectively it shaves. With a fresh blade in, it is much smoother than my OCMM. You will enjoy it...I am sure. Every SE fan needs at least one of these. :thumbup:
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    Nice looking razor. Congrats.
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    Agree. Love mine. Best SE I have.
  13. I think it is. There's not a mark or evidence anywhere that it had been used. It will be now! The lettering on the case looks like it's just come off the assembly line. Five of these or one uncased, re-plated Fatboy. Mmmmmm........what a conundrum! Just glad I discovered SE shaving before prices go stupid. Hopefully they won't.

    There was one (might have been a Jewel) for sale in BST recently. Last time I looked it was still there. Similar price, similar unused state.
  14. I'm pretty sure it sold if it is the one I am thinking of. It had sat unsold for a few days then one other guy and I chimed in how nice a shave they give and it sold in a few hours. I actually was wondering if this post was the guy who bought that one when I first clicked in to it. :laugh: I wanted to know what he thought of it since everything is YMMV here.
  15. Congrats.. Great Score.. :tongue_sm
  16. I sold that razor for $50 to another member besides the one you are thinking of. Maybe I had it priced too high at $60 to begin with--I don't know. But there was another one in about the same shape as mine (I'm guessing) that sold for $60 in it seems like three hours. Mine had a few slight scratches on the head but I'm thinking that most of these razors do unless they have been absolutely unused over the years. The chrome just scratches too easily.
  17. Interesting observation. Actually, out of the four sets that I have, I don't remember a lot of brassing. A deep scratch or two on my well used ones but I haven't looked at them in awhile. I figured with the depth of the scratch, it couldn't possibly be shaving related. I need to sell them but just haven't.

    I have been using the new one I have and I haven't put a dent in the chrome. It still looks new. I keep intending to take pics as we don't have very many good pics of ER Streamlines (especially the sets) here for posterity. I opened the strop out of its package and intend to use it instead of hand stropping like I do now. I don't want to do that until I get the pics first. I always thought that chrome was an inch thick. It's an incredibly well built razor that I hope will last my lifetime (I will have the single one as a spare just in case :lol:)
  18. Well that's just my observation with all of my Gems (sorry no picture to follow--too OT), but I don't think that any of the scratches actually came from shaving. Rather is from dragging across something or even putting it in the case, maybe even hitting a metal clasp in some cases. I have rubbed one fairly hard on a shirt just to polish it a little and the next thing I know I have lots of little microscratches in the direction that I was rubbing. So now I treat them with kid gloves.

    That Streamline razor is built like a tank. I should have shaved with it myself but I never did. I bought it for a Christmas present to myself but by the time Christmas actually rolled around I was too hooked on the looks and performance of Micromatics.
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  19. I must have misunderstood you about the chrome. I think my ER Streamline chrome is much thicker than the chrome on any of my other SE's. i was only talking about the streamline not getting scratched.

    It's a shame you didn't try it out before you sold it. i think you would have been pleasantly surprised. I love my OCMM too but I think my best shave comes from my streamline. It's just smoother than my OCMM. As always, YMMV and as long as your happy, that's all that matters.

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