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  1. As a vendor chasing down product I am finding a disturbing trend in Europe. Many of the manufactuers are discontinuing these types of tube creams. As Gillette and the canned mania take over shelf space, even in Europe, stores and factories are finding out these tube creams are dogs and only for the old timers. I'm not saying buy now and stock up, but I am saying that we will see more brands of creams and soap leave the market as time goes on such as P160 has.
  2. As long as Confiança and Claus Porto still produce my beloved Portuguese creams, I am fine... :thumbup1:
  3. Be careful they don't go the way of Lavanda.
  4. brg


    Discontinuing Lavanda was a shame really, but that probably had more to do with focusing on a single product that is much more profitable (Musgo Real). Lavanda was the mass market cream that sold for much less, and there is a canned foam of the same brand.

    I sure hope either Top Secret or Veleiro do not follow the same pattern and get discontinued because they are the "poor man's" shaving creams.

    At least locally I don't see a reduction in availability of shaving creams in a tube. There are easily more than 20 brands/types of shaving cream here, the only one I saw discontinued in the past 2 years was Lavanda. Williams is no longer available, but that was certainly a decision by the single supermarket that had it to just stop selling this cream- it is still sold in Spain. Gillette regular and Gibbs were reformulated. The rest remain the same, with one or two new supermarket own brands.

    It is certainly possible that brands which sell "goo in a can" will eventually stop selling creams under their brand. And even for those there are exceptions - Palmolive sells so much shaving cream in tubes that I believe they make a nice sales volume out of this "old-timey" product.
  5. I agree with brg. Discontinuing Lavanda was a sad strategic decision taken by the Ach. Brito/Confiança company. I think that they prefer making a product that sells for €10 (Musgo), rather than continue to make a very similar product, with a different scent, that sells for only €2-€4 (Lavanda). I hope they don't apply the same politics to Veleiro or Top Secret.

    But, as for the other brands, I don't see signs of discontinuity, or creams disappearing in mass from the stores and supermarket's shelves. Lavanda is an exception.
    The Ach.Brito/Claus Porto/Confiança group still produces Musgo, Veleiro, O Melhor and Top Secret.

    Even Williams cream is still available in some drugstores here in Portugal. Other common names are Gibbs and Gillette. Denim and Palmolive are so widely available that you can buy them almost everywhere.

    There are other brands of shaving creams that are somewhat easy to find in drugstores and some supermarket chains, like Tabac, Wilkinson, Nivea, La Toja. There's another local portuguese brand (Men's Estoril Sports Line shaving cream) that is available in portuguese drugstores. In a certain type of stores ("bazares") you can even buy LEA, BEA and SOLO shaving creams.

    There's also chain stores like Bottega Verde and The Body Shop that have good quality creams. And some other brands that I don't remember right now...

    2 days ago I've discovered a new shaving cream available at a local drugstore - the German brand KAPPUS, that I've never heard about it till that day. At least for me, it was new...! :laugh:
  6. I have to agree that the big retail stores sell much more "goo in a can" than a good shave cream. But in small groceries it is still possible to buy old fashion shaving products. I'm quite sure that Ach Brito won't start making a Musgo Real in a can that soon :lol: From all the Portuguese shaving brands, the only one that I know of available in a can is Lavanda.

    Gillette and other major brands may stop producing shaving cream, but I don't see Ach Brito/Confiança stop producing their creams to make them available in a can.
  7. brg


    There's always an exception. One of the new supermarket own brands that appeared less than two years ago was Skino. And that supermarket chain has no traditional wet shaving products such as DE blades or brushes. I have no idea why they don't sell Gibbs, which is produced by a company in the same group...

    I know a lot of people that gave up their DE razors a long time ago, but still use a brush and cream.
  8. Which creams have gone the way of the Dodo recently?
  9. Lavanda, Proraso Red, Ritz. Is Jordanian Erasmic still available?
  10. Why do you think I am on Ebay? It gets harder and harder to find nice stuff locally.
  11. I have some, do not know if it is nos.
  12. I have an unopened Erasmic, I will sell on eBay in fifty years time :tongue_sm.
  13. I remember two more shaving creams that I don't see in the shelves anymore: Vert Sauvage shaving cream and a Gibbs cream with a white/brown box. Never was a big fan of either, so, no big deal for me. :tongue_sm

    Vert Sauvage was made in Portugal by Unisol, and it was discontinued a few years after Unisol's acquisition by Colgate/Palmolive.

    As for the Gibbs, it simply disappeared, and only the "marine" version (with green and white box) remains.

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