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  1. On my last travel to the UK I met many people wearing the English shooting coat. I truely love the design and style but I had no time to find one while there. I will not be back until next year and would like to try and find one in the US. Does anyone know of a US store that would carry this style and design.

    Attached link as an example:


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  3. Quick terminology check. It seems what you're actually looking for is a
    Tweed Sports Jacket.
    This fabric was developed nearly-simultaneously in many places in the UK, but became famous after it was adopted by the wealthy from the Scottish model.
    Moving on.....
    Orvis and Barbour make good quality clothing- I'm sure no-one would disagree with that. However, if you're going to get the real McCoy, you would be best advised to deal with a more independent trader who has more individual styles and can cater to your taste more, in terms of cut and pattern. As to the fabric, if you're wanting extreme ruggedness, I would strongly suggest a Derby Tweed, which tend to be far thicker than Harris. I used to have a 60/40 wool/acrylic derby tweed and it was indestructible. I gave it to my friend who fell off his bicycle at top speed and dragged along the ground for some distance. Not a mark on the jacket!
    If you're planing less demanding activities, Harris Tweed is the standard for good reason. But please do not get anything made by Mr Haggas.
  4. The Musto example the OP gives is basically a Derby tweed. I can get good ones in my local Farmer's Supplies shops for far less than the £400 they are asking for that one, though it wouldn't be a stretch material.

    They are tough as old boots as Scottish Steve says! Mind you, my understanding of a "Sports Jacket" is more a tweed blazer/suit type jacket. The jacket the OP talks about I'd call a shooting jacket, as Musto do. I love my proper old Harris Tweed sports jacket! Not a Mr Haggas offering I will add!
  5. I must apologise- it was taking an aaaage to load the original post's pic so i looked at the links from subsequent posts which included the std single-breasted jackets. You are right galopede. this is a classic shooting jacket for spending long hours outdoors in the wind and rain. I'm not sure about the addition of stretchiness. I can't understand the need for it. These jackets are very functional but are not the most versatile piece in a gent's wardrobe. They must fit well, especially in the arms, inluding circumference and underhang in the oxsters! Too big and you look like Farmer Giles of Ham after too many Christmas Dinners or a wee boy who's borrowed his dad's jacket. I think this is an item you really shouldn't buy online unless you have a good knowledge of tailors' technical terms and a friend with a tape-measure. Even then, its a lot of money to spend on something which might fit, but not look as you imagined when wearing it. A waisted, 3-button, double-vented, 3-pocketed Derby Tweed is much more versatile and still very warm with a hat and scarf. The first pic is halfway there and though the model and pose look awful, the jacket's nice. The second pic on the dummy is very similar to what I gave to my friend and a very classy look in my opinion. What do you think?
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  7. He may also be thinking more in line with what i'd call a Norfolk Jacket.


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