Edwin Jagger DE89 still the best!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by lsbrodsky, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. This is an update to earlier comments. I have been using my EJ DE89 for a month now and I cannot say enough good things about it. I am getting better than a DFS with 3 passes; if I want BBS all I need to do is a little touch up. No nicks, no irritation, just great shaves. I have been using Derbys and Feathers. I now have two of these guys, one for travel and one for home. As has been said by others, this is a RAD killer. I have stopped rotating through my other razors and have to decide whether I am going to keep them or sell them. Certainly none of my other razors shave as well as this EJ DE89.
  2. Congrats on finding a razor that works well for you.
  3. some pics of said razor :)
  4. This pic was posted before, but here you go. The handle was made for me at Elite Razor.

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  5. drs


    If you decide to sell your president let me know,....................................... and your custom handeled EJ is awesome.
  6. I have a EJ DE86 and I think it is fantastic. I also have a Georgian (same head) and I am considering buying a Chatsworth Chrome.
  7. Gentlemen,

    I wholeheartedly concur with Larry's comments on the Edwin Jagger 89L double edge razor. The workmanship is impeccable, and the weight and balance perfect, especially for one with small hands.

    Most important of all, of course, is how the razor shaves: oh, just fine.

    I have used my EJ 89L for the last few months on a regular rotation and I love it. So congratulations, Larry, for using this great razor.

    The Edwin Jagger 89L is a beauty, and worthy of a gentleman shaver.

  8. Obelit, apart from the fact I've been using an 89L more than just a few months, what you wrote could easily describe my experiences too. Personally I think the 89L at less than $40 delivered is just a real steal. I can't recommend it highly enough. So much so I bought my brother one and he agrees too.

    I also have to say it has put a finish to my RAD as well. The quality of this razor really is something else -it puts the old Gillette SS and Fat Boys to shame. It smells of quality and the shave it gives me is excellent. It is just a beautiful piece of kit. I can't possibly justify getting another razor!

  9. Not much to add to whats already been said about the EJ DE89. I get excellent shaves with no irritation when used with a Red Personna blade. I would recommend it over the Merkur HD (which is the only other razor I own) to any new wet shavers. I don't frequent the B/S/T forum near as much since I gotten the DE89, it has greatly decreased my RAD.
  10. Within a week of recieving my EJ 89L.....I disposed of all my Merkur razors and put the money towards buying another "backup" 89L just in case they stop making them.

    I don't think I'll ever buy another Merkur as the quality control on the EJ is light years ahead of the current Merkur razors.
  11. I bought a backup also but have not disposed of any of my vintage razors. I just cannot bring myself to do that...yet.
  12. I have a new Muhle R89 which has the same head as the new EJ's. The R89 has become my favorite shaver and is, IMHO, vastly superior to the Merkur 38C which feels like a club.

    I want to get one of the new EJ Chatsworths with the horn handle - they look great and I know they shave well.

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  13. I recently pulled my Edwin Jaggers out into rotation and can not agree more that it is an overall great shave. I have an EJ light horn handle and this is my favorite of the lot. Can't say enough great things about Edwin Jagger!!
  14. I've been thinking about it long enough - this testimonial pushed me over the edge and I just ordered it.

    Can't wait to see my new EJ Chatsworth with the horn handle...

  15. As soon as I've got a little more money kicking around, I'll be doing the same thing I think. I got the 89l as my first, and so far only razor I've owned. Aside from maybe trying an adjustable, I honestly have seen no reason to get a razor from any other manufacturer. It is just such a beautiful made, quality instrument that i just want to get a fancier one from EJ. No reason to look at anything else (so far, I'm sure I will just for the hell of it eventually). I thought I might just not know what I'm missing, maybe I'm not missing anything, just saving money.. lol
  16. I keep reading nothing but positive reviews of the EJ/Muhle 89. I plan on buying one soon, but all this hype makes me wonder what will become of my Mergress, 38C, Krona, Fatboys, SS, etc. I guess they would be off to BST, sure would make this hobby alot easier.
  17. Does anyone know if the Muhle R89 shaves or feels any different than the EJ DE 89L? The new heads are the same but the handles have different patterns and the EJ is 0.5 oz. heavier. (And the Muhle is $11 more.)
  18. The R89 has a larger handle, but it is decidedly light, making the razor head heavy. Many here like the razor, but I know that some value good balance highly.

    The DE89 has a smaller handle, but it is heavier. Better balanced and easier to maneuver.

    The shaves I get from the R89 are very good, but I find myself needing a bit more touchup than with the EJ. I'm sure this would sort itself out if I would only be able to commit to using it exclusively for a while.
  19. I have been wet shaving for about two years and, during that timeframe, I have accumulated the vast majority of razors that are recommended on this board. Specifically, I have the Merckur HD, Progress, Slant and Futur. Then, for a while, I started experimenting with some of the vintage razors and ended up purchasing some of the old razors that were manufactured by Gillette: Fat Boy, Slim, Rocket and Superspeed.

    I had been entirely content with shaving with any of those listed above (although I can't say I'm a big fan of the Slant), but truly believe that the Edwin Jagger 89L is a number of steps above any of the razors that I had tried previously. Normally, I like to wait a number of weeks before giving an opinion about a razor because I have seen too many examples of people who provide posts along these lines: "I haven't shaved with a cartridge razor and low-quality goo for a while, but I did today and got a fantastic shave." I believe that it takes a while for your beard to adjust to any new elements that are introduced into the routine.

    Basically, after using the Edwin Jagger 89L for about a week, I can definitively say that it is the finest razor that I have ever owned and I believe it to be exceedingly cheap, given the build quality.
  20. Amen brother.

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