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  1. Three shaves into ownership of this amazing razor. It is certainly like nothing else with its double comb head design.
    In use it feels incredibly mild, almost as if there is no blade in it. But there is, an Iridium.
    Yet the results are those of a far more aggressive razor, two passes to perfection.
    The head design either is insensitive to angle, or forces the correct angle. Whatever it is doing it is very easy to use.

    I must admit that when I first read all the eulogies about this razor and saw the high price of buying one I was a bit dubious. Now I know why it has that reputation.
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  2. The reputation of the Red Ring is well deserved.
  3. Hmm, I will have to revisit my Red Ring as so far never had a good result and put it away for a while. Everyone else seems to love them, I must have tried all the wrong blades so far. I recently traded for some Super Iridium's so I better give one of those a go.
  4. The Red Ring is marvelous. I must have 50 razors gathering dust in a drawer, including most of the high-end vintage Gillettes. After much experimentation, the only razors that have a place in my den are: a Tech, a President, a mystery silver razor that may be a Hoffritz, and the Eclipse.

    YMMV, of course, as always.
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  5. -= sigh =-
    Someday, someday, I'll find an eclipse red ring of my own.
    This post just reminds me of the unfulfilled.
    -= sigh =-
    -- Chet
  6. There is one for sale at the moment. Nothing to do with me, I am not selling mine.

    The one that is for sale is already £48 with 5 days to go. It is in as new, never used condition and comes with box and instructions. I can see this making £200.
  7. Discussing ongoing auctions is a no no, and generally not appreciated by people here who may be bidding on it.
  8. And someone who wants one might appreciate knowing that there is one available.

    Not that I have said where this one is being sold, someone would have to PM me for that information.
  9. Whether someone looking would like to know is irrelevant. There's a reason it's a rule of the house. You being new, I just wanted to make you aware of it for the future. Saying there's one for sale now, the logical first place anyone would check is well known auction sites.

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