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  1. Just wondering....I have been at this DE shaving for about 3 weeks or so and I must say it is actually quite enjoyable. I think I have a problem though as I am up to three brushes and just purchased my second birth razor to go with a Edwin Jagger. Nevertheless, is there a problem with using a hair dryer to dry a shaving brush. It seemed to have really helped to make my first brush (a Wal-mart VDH boar) bloom quite well. It's pretty soft already. If I'm not mistaken, the idea is to have the hairs split....the dryer seems to encourage this quite well.

    So to repeat the question...will using a hair dryer to (mostly) dry the brush after use harm a shaving brush?
  2. well here is one i haven't read before. ive never tried it, but i must say im intrigued.
  3. The direct heat from the blow dryer could damage the badger hair if it is held too closely or for too long. Otherwise the air itself blowing on the brush from the sides or at an angle from the top should be safe. Blowing hot air at high power directly into the knot from above would definitely bloom it out more, but I wouldn't subject my glorious brushes to such things. I am always gentle when drying my brushes. I do not shake them out and would never consider using a blow dryer on them. If you really would like to try it, go for it but be gentle.
  4. Yes, it will damage the brush by weakening the knot. There is great article titled Drying Makes the Difference that should be of help.
  5. I continuously move the dryer back and forth and never very close to the brush. I am not subjecting it anymore heat than the hot water from shaving or anymore forces that rubbing across my face or in a bowl don't already subject it to.

    I also tend to hold the base of the knot while doing this.
  6. Shake it gently till it isn't drippy, stand it up where it gets plenty of air. Capillary action will remove water from the knot to the tips where it will evaporate. Why go through all the extra effort?

  7. Hmm...I am not so sure that using a hair dryer is the best practice. I would be concerned that the heat from the dryer may damage the hair and loosen the knot or at the very least, perhaps loosen some hair from the knot. I think that it may also unduly dry out the hair. The difference between the temperature of the water and hair dryer is, obviously, the dry heat from the dryer. In my view, the natural drying of the hair over a period of time is a better practice with the natural hair. I have been wet shaving for many years and have had good luck with the natural drying practice.


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    I definitely think if could damage the knot. Why not just let it air dry? You have 3 to rotate.
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    I am on my 3rd shave with an SOC and partially blow drying the tips have resulted beaucoup hair splits.

    I stay a couple feet away from the hair dryer and brush the knot against my fingers. Considering all my wife subjects her hair to, I doubt a light drying will do any harm. Once the brush is broken in the blow drying will stop.

    Not sure I would do the same to a badger tho...
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    Low setting, keep the brush moving, and brief duration.

  11. I assume you are only doing this to your boar brushes? I don't believe badger hair need to split the way boar can. But, as JTB said, since you have three anyway, there is plenty of time for one to dry naturally while you rotate through the other two. This might not be damaging the knots, but at the very least it is an unnecessary risk with no clear gains.

    Edit: Oh wait, I get it. Yes, you are right, you don't have enough brushes to allow them to dry out naturally between shaves. You need to buy more shaving brushes:devil:
  12. I don't use a hair dryer on my only brush (Frank Shaving Finest Badger). Not just because it's my only brush I don't wanna ruin it, but because the extra effort of plugging in the hair dryer, lol. I simply squeeze the brush under running water to get all the lather out. Then I swish the brush rather quickly between my 4 fingers on the opposite hand to "shake out" the water and junk it in and let it dry hanging bristles down in it's stand.
  13. There's a famous quote about "you know what dries razors?"
    The same thing applies to brushes too.
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    Yeah, warm AIR out the blowdryer :p :lol:
  15. Don't forget your wife's hair is constantly being replaced as old hairs fall out and new ones grow - that's not going to happen with a shaving brush.
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    Not really, her hair is shoulder length and it doesn't "fall out"...although the damaged ends are cut off so you have a point- but the point is I WANT damaged split ended hairs. She straightens her hair with a 400f iron everyday, so compared to a hair dryer 2 feet away I still opine no harm will be done. :smile:.
  17. Everyone's hair falls out - each hair has a finite life and falls out at the end of it and the follicle starts a new hair. They're just not synchronised, so it's usually not noticed so much.

    Edit: Some info on the hair growth cycle at Wikipedia.
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  18. I'll agree to the first part only. It all dies. But dangit my follicles all stayed dead!!
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    I understand the hair falling out thing, but the hair on your head differs from that on your leg, eyebrows, etc and grows much longer before falling out. I guess what I mean is the hair falling out of SWMBO's head wouldn't be enough to continually replace
    damaged hair from the crazy contraptions she uses. (IMO :smile:)
  20. Air dry it. AND with a boar brush make sure you give it enough time to dry before using it again

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