Dr Bronners as a face wash?

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  1. Has anybody had any experience using Dr. Bronners soap as a face wash?

    I've been using it for a few days and it seems nice, but I was concerned with the pH balance issues.

    Anybody have any comments for this concern? is it a good idea to use this as a face wash?
  2. I would think it might be a little harsh for the facial area.
  3. I like dr. brooners as a body wash but as a face wash it leaves my face too dry.
  4. Oh it might be drying but the peppermint and lavender are oh so good! Follow up with Thayers and your face will be fine!
  5. You're a man among boys if you use that on your face... I think it's too harsh - definitely dilute it a bit....
  6. Yeah, I've used Dr. Bronners while camping and stuff, where drying my skin is less of an issue because I'm sweating all day, but I wouldn't use it every day unless I had really oily skin (I have oily skin, but still prefer a milder soap).

    The labels are fun to read, though.
  7. I am glad you asked because the wife and I just were wondering last night when we found our Dr. Bonners in the closet. Hands and body it is.
  8. The company claims you can use it for a deodorant, toothpaste, and probably to get the crabgrass out of your lawn. Of course, they claim some crazy weird stuff on those labels.

    I have tried it as a toothpaste (camping, last resort, etc.), and it's terribly bitter. Can't say I recommend it, but in a pinch, sure. For everyday toothpaste OR face wash, not so much.
  9. If you're talking about the liquid soap, do not get the stuff in your eyes or you'll be very sorry.

    I use the bar soap for my face in the shower and I've never had a problem with it.
  10. How is the move going? Us Golden Girls have to stick together.
  11. Waiting for the interviews in DC to start rolling in. Wife's due to deliver our little girl in three days. Getting some great advice from the thread I started, too. Man, am I blogging on B&B or what?

    So in reality, the move isn't happening on a known schedule. I suppose I'll update my "location" in my profile to reflect that.

    Thanks for asking!

  12. Oh Betty, you know I am there for you and your new baby. She call me Grandma.
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  13. Here as well. You don't want to get the bar soap in your eyes either...but its not as bad as the liquid.
  14. Could be because bar soap has a different PH as opposed to liquid soap.
  15. I wash my face with it everyday when I'm in the shower. I haven't suffered any ill effects yet. I'd avoid getting it in your eyes, but otherwise you should be fine.
  16. Slightly off-topic, but can anyone point me in the direction of some brick & mortar retailers carrying Dr. Bronner's soaps? I checked their web site but was unsuccessful...
  17. Whole Food, GNC or vitamin stores, Central Market, some grocery stores
  18. jkh


    My wife found Dr Bronners at Target! There was small section of natural organic items in the personal care section.
  19. Thanks guys.

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