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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by The Zook, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Anyone using this razor? I ordered one this morning, going to compare it to the HeadBlade and Rolling Razor.

  2. I've wondered how those compare to the headblade, let me know
  3. Will do Rex... Trying not to get my hopes up but it's hard not to.
  4. Waiting for the review. Please give your thoughts on all three and with what blades you need/have used for each.

  5. Yep,

    As another who has grown too tall for his hair, I would be most interested in the results.
  6. They use the same "Merkur" black plastic adapters as the head blade, which isn't surprising as Dovo owns Merkur.
  7. I tell you, being a rather experienced shaver in general and having tried virtually every type of product out there I was still a little nervous and skeptical about this thing, even more than I was about the Headblade - mostly because I couldn't find any information on it.

    It's design is solid and well built, though simple. Three finger openings allow you complete control, even with larger hands like mine it worked well and felt natural.

    Well, onto the shave... Although I preach not to rush prep, it was difficult for me to follow my own advice this morning, but I managed. Full rinse, Apricot scrub, another rinse, lather, rinse, re-lather... I was ready, but nervous.

    The nerves settled somewhere between my temple and the back of my ear as the first pass was made successfully and without bodily harm. The remainder of the shave went equally well and I was impressed with the amount of control I had. With the Dovo Head Shaver it's more of what we're used to with traditional handled razors. For me, it seems to follow the contours of my head better, at least that's my thought after my initial shave.

    Seeing as how this was my first shave with this razor I'll give it another thumbs up in the 'common sense' category, it does exactly what you would expect it to, and feels comfortable doing it. That said, you are in full control of the razor and I took advantage of that (perhaps a little too far). I went a little crazy making passes this way and that and never felt in danger of doing harm, and luckily never did (knock on wood). No nicks, cuts, irritation and a BBS shave our first time out together... Dovo and I have a long, happy future ahead of us I think.

    I'm sure everyone is wanting a comparison between the Dovo and the Headblade, but I'm not prepared to give one just yet... right now they are both top notch head shavers. One advantage I see with the Dovo however is that it's easier to get around the ears and near effortless on the side of your head going against the grain, something I was struggling with using the Headblade.

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