Do you rub or SLAP on your aftershave splash ?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by LouBarraza, May 19, 2012.

  1. I was watching some old Skin Bracer commercials on YouTube (slap!!slap!Thanks!I needed that!)and was wondering how many slap on their aftershave splashes.Ive always slapped my on ,since rubbing it on seemed to always irritate.Especially with Osage Rub! SLAP SLAP!!I needed that!!:velva2:
  2. slap for me.rubbing is for cricket players.
  3. Can you explain the difference??
  4. malocchio

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    rub and massage first,then several slaps...slapping first can splash a/s into or onto your eye....
  5. +1 :c17:
  6. [​IMG] slapping please.

    [​IMG]"Hard work is the aftershave of accomplishment". Author Unknown

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  7. Lightly pat.
  8. First, I apply to my hands and rub them together to distribute, then I rub it on my face and neck. I can't imagine why one would want to slap oneself, and only boys splash.
  9. I slapsh it on.
  10. Daiku

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    I lightly pat as well. With some of the AS in my rotation (like VI Bay Rum), there's already enough pain involved. Why add to it by slapping myself?
  11. As per the instructions, I slap it on!

    Someone should tell that stupid guy.... stop making cricket player jokes.... stupid...
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  12. +1
  13. I always do 2 applications. First is a light one that is patted on. Second one is a heavier application that is rubbed.
  14. Rub between hands, then slap the _ _ _ _ out of myself.
  15. I use a patting action, but if I had a rough shave I might slap it on a bit:w00t:
  16. I rub it on. I don't want my aftershave all over myself and the bathroom sink. No slapping.
  17. 1) pour in palms
    2) rub plams together for 4-5 seconds
    3) apply to face with downward rubbing motion from cheeks to jawline to neck
    this minimizes burn and gives a smooth diffuse application
  18. I usual just pat it on lightly. Never try rubbing it on, but I might have a go tomorrow....
  19. This.

    Neither a rub nor a slap. Pour into the palm of my right hand, clasp hands together to spread, and pat it onto my neck.
    Reapply, repeat on cheeks.
    Reapply, repeat on head.

    Perhaps some light "rubbing" from the top of my head down the back of my head/neck.
  20. I like to pat my Aqua Velva on. Nice and refreshing without irritating a freshly shaved face by rubbing.

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