Do Bad Boars Go Good?

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  1. I first got into wet shaving a few months ago when, on a whim, I picked up a puck of Williams and a cheap boar VdH shaving brush. The brush was fairly prickly at first, but after maybe 50 shaves with it, it has become noticeably softer/less prickly. I thought that I read that good boars get softer because their tips can split, but can a bad boar go good, i.e. get softer?
  2. I don't see why not. I also had a VdH brush for a while and it broke in "good". Very good actually, until the bristles started falling out chunks at a time. But yeah, it turned out pretty nice while it lasted.
  3. I think I read that if the tips are clipped/trimmed, it's less likely for the hairs to split and soften the brush. Maybe that VDH hasn't been clipped?
  4. It is common for a bristle brush to soften after the tips of the hairs split and thus becoming "broke in". Water retention might increase also.
  5. In a word, yes. [​IMG]
  6. Yes, my VDH PIG does seem a LOT softer now than when first used.

    (Mine is still going strong after 6 months ... alternated with 2 other brushes for past 3 months.)
  7. Most emphatically true. I have a Burma Shave brush that is several years old and it is as soft as I could want and makes lather like a champ. I have a VdH premium boar brush that is only a few months old, and while it has improved I have high hope for it to develop into a favorite of mine. It has a larger knot than the burma shave which I think I will like but the bristles haven't fully broken in yet. All I've used is cheap clipped boar brushes and know that they take a long time to fully come into their own. I understand that better brushes break in faster but I'm not in that much of a hurry. lol
  8. All boars ("good" or "bad") break in. However, you seem to be confusing inexpensive and prickly with bad.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Perhaps "bad" was the wrong word, but for a cheap brush picked up at CVS on a whim, I am surprised at what an enjoyable lather it's giving me. I suppose don't knock it if it's working, right?
  10. I carry one for a travel brush, and it's not bad at all.
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    I have a VDH deluxe that is about 2 years old that is well broken in with split tips. I do not think it has clipped tips - in fact, the knot shape is kind of wonky. I also have a 6mo old Burma Shave that is clearly clipped. It has yet to split, but I've only used it a handful of times.
  12. Cheap doesn't always mean inferior, some Boars may take a bit longer to reach it's full potential in providing "Good Useable Lather" and develop softer tips. Mostly it all depends on whether the hair is clipped or not, who manufactured the Brush, the Batch of Hair since the quality won't be exactly the same from batch to batch and any chemical processing that may be done to the hair. Lastly it comes down to personal preference, some like "floppier" Brushes with minimal scritch, and others prefer one as stiff as a "Broom" with moderate to heavy scritch.
  13. I really like my VDH brush, though it's been wanting some love since the Omega 49 and the Semogue 2000 came along. Good travel brush.
  14. like the op's VDH my jagger took a while to break in but its great now very soft
  15. My Vulfix 404 :001_wub: is becoming really soft...used about 15-20 times. And it makes tons of lather!

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  16. I have had a Semogue 1305, a VDH, and a Semogue Owners Club but nothing compares to my Omega 49. I love that brush and while it's not as soft as a badger, it's still pretty soft. That is the one brush that I'll never give up.
  17. Now I've decided I need a Vulfix 404. Wish I hadn't opened this thread.
  18. I think that Vulfix makes the best beginner brushes! Actually regardless of experience I don't think you can find a better brush for the money IMHO. I love my #41. All brushes break in and get a little softer. Some people don't like that, some prefer a "scitchy" brush for exfoliating etc.
  19. Ok so where is the best place to order one? I guess you can either get a 404 in Best or mixed? I want the mixed for sure (if that's the same one that Gattopardo has?)

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