DE blade, 1 out of 5 is dull?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by wwp512, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. I am using Feather blades right now, but this might be happening to other brand as well..

    Does anyone else find they can shave with one blade 5,6,7 times, but then another blade out of the same pack gets dull after the 2nd shave?

    I am trying to figure out is it the blade or my Merkur 38C? Maybe the "dull" blade is not lined up as well as the blade that seemed to be sharp much longer.
  2. That has not been my experience with Feathers. I think your razor is likely somehow at fault.
  3. +1

    All the blades I use, I can consistently get 3-4 shaves from them. Other than the newer style vertical Derby's (which need to be corked to be usable at all) I don't think I have experienced any dud blades.
  4. Not a problem I have experienced. The occasional dud blade can happen but have have a consistent blade failure is not normal. I use a 38C and I didn't find issues with blade sharpness.
  5. ive only used feathers for the past year and a half and never had that issue. typically if i get less uses out of a feather its because i shaved off a week or two worth of growth in 1 sitting. (that's not a beard for me...more like a 3 day 5 oclock shadow for a normal person).
  6. thanks for the inputs, maybe I need to examine the used-38C I just bought.

    Is it a necessary step to look and align the blade when you put a new blade in? Or do you just unscrew, drop a new blade, and tighten? Is there much "wiggle room" for a blade to be off-aligned?
  7. I seemed to have found a way to deal with my "dull" blade issue. I shave with one side of the blade for 2 days, and then the other side. I then use a new blade.

    I am just getting better using the 38C. Can't blame the equipments, as they say, its' the operator!! :thumbup1:
  8. The 38 generally doe not suffer from head alignment issues, aside from a run that had slightly more exposure on one side. I had one. Check to see that you have even exposure on both sides. When I say slightly, I mean "hardly noticeable," you may have to look really closely. If you don't see anything then it is not an issue with your razor. Merkur did tighten up QC a while back, so not an issue now. Great razor, BTW.

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