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  1. I know another fountain pen thread, but I need some advice too. Last week I lost my cross century II fp (had it about 4 years). Beautiful pen with a sterling silver cap. I am looking another daily driver pen for school, Im in undergrad now, and hopefully will be going to law school after I graduate. Im looking for something that most importantly writes great, has a professional look, and practical for everyday use. I would like to keep this at the very most under $200

    Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. Pilot vanishing point. If you can deal with the location of the pocket clip near the grip section these are great pens for the price.
  3. You are looking for a modern look, right?
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    I'm a fan of Cross FP and would recommend another one if at all possible.
    Right now my daily use pen is a vintage Parker 51. It's very good.
    I've heard good things about the Pelikan pens but don't own one.

    As far as cross goes, the Townsend FP is very nice. I have a ball point townshend and I'm looking at the FP a little down the road.
  5. Pelikan M200, 205 or 215. Great pens, and they fall well within your price range.
  6. I like the classic look, but some modern pens are appealing. I guess im just looking for a timeless look, I appreciate all the suggestions already guys!
  7. I will add one thing I am looking for is a threaded cap, the cap on my century II had a tendency to fall off.
  8. At that price range with your criteria, check out the Pelikan M600, they have the best balance of size/price. M800/M1000 is much more and the M200/M400 is on the small size
  9. Unfortunately, I don't think you'd be able to find a new M600 under $200. At any rate, if you do please tell us where. I'd love to buy one! :lol:
  10. Considering that your first pen was lost (in college) I would consider going way under $200, but you know your finances better than I do.
  11. I am open to buying something more cost efficient, I just want good quality, and a pen that writes well.
  12. +1 on the Vanishing Point. Great daily pen that is easy to use one handed. Under $200 with unique styling.
  13. If there is a "dream" pen (usually vintage), you can probably find a Chinese knockoff that writes well at a pittance of a price.

    For me the Ivory and Black Parker Duofold was my dream and my Kaigelu fools 100% of citizens and was in the mid 2 figures.

  14. Pam braun has them for 229

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    I have that pen and for the 35.00 bucks it cost I am amazed at the performance.
  16. My daily writer is a Noodler's piston fill. It's cheap, small, and smelled funny when I first got it but I've taken quite a liking to it. For some reason I prefer it over my Lamy Safari for daily note taking. It's incredibly easy to take apart and adjust/clean. I feel like a lot of people scoff at it for being so inexpensive, but that's why I would suggest giving it a try. If you don't like it you won't be out much money and you could always sell it for a couple bucks less than retail.
  17. Oh! It would be neglectful not to mention the TWSBI. It's a demonstrator, so its 'professional look' is highly debatable. However, it's very likely the best value in fountain pens today. Including shipping, they go for less than $45. They're piston-fill pens. They were made by an entrepreneur with a ton of feedback from the Fountain Pen Network community. They are made so that you can disassemble them if need be, and include instructions and tools for doing so. They have a reputation for being very reliable.

    They're sold directly from the manufacturer on ebay, and they are certainly worth a look.
  18. Ryan, what is the status on the twsbi ink bottles?

    And the vac filler version of the pen?
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  19. Something that looks like this:



  20. Caveat with this one: they don't hold much ink. I have two, a black carbonesque and a raden. The push to expose nib is very easy to use, though.


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