Chicago Area - "The Close Shave II"

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  1. Our last event was such a great time that it is high time that we work on the next one. To be inclusive of our good friend Price, there are two dates in June that should work, June 2 and June 23, 2012. Please post as to your availability. Also, we are working on a different location and are considering locations in Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, and Riverwoods offering easy access on and off an expressway that would work for our friends in Chicago, the western suburbs, northwest suburbs, north suburbs and Wisconsin. So please post as to where you are coming from so we can also choose a location best suited for all. I liked the way the Captain ran a raffle the last time and would like to keep that as a time honored tradition. This is our gathering, so let's pool our ideas together and make this as enjoyable if not more enjoyable as last time.

  2. As of right now, both dates work for me (subject to change, I invoke the 'parent of young kids' exclusion here).

    Coming from DuPage, 355 & Thorndale [just south of Woodfield Mall].
  3. Either date works for me as well.
    AH or Des Plaines are good also Rolling Meadows might be another "close to the expressway" option as well.
  4. Can't wait! Either date is fine so far.
  5. June 2 in Arl would work great for me.
  6. Either of those dates work for me
  7. Price

    Price Steward Contributor

    Thanks, Stu, for working around this for me. The last Close Shave was a terrific event, and I'm really looking forward to the sequel!
  8. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    A little north for my taste,but doable. Thinking as the last one was in Burr Ridge, I believe this one should be up on the North Side. Either of those dates work for me (God and SWMBO willing....)
  9. Price

    Price Steward Contributor

    Hey, she isn't SWMBO yet. You don't have to obey her until you're actually married. :laugh:
  10. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    You have a very compelling argument there....

  11. Either one of those dates is fine by me and although farther for me I like the idea of moving it north to accommodate others.

    Count on me donating a bottle of you-know-what for the raffle. I may rummage around and dig out some other stuff too. We all came home with more than we brought last time. The best part though was putting a face with a name and the fellowship - not to be missed!
  12. We all could meet at Woodfield & storm the AOS store for kicks.
  13. The 2nd works, 23 does not. Location-flexible.
  14. At this point in time, either date works for me; and I cast my vote for either the Des Plaines or Arlington Heights locations.
  15. Both dates work, June 2 better than June 23. Coming from Woodridge (near I-88 & I-355), so Woodfield area would work great for me.

    Also invoking the wife and kids clause...just in case.
  16. saf


    Wife and kids clause but either date is clear at this point. I am near downtown so anywhere works for me.
  17. Attendance is looking pretty good! I think June 2nd is going to work out best for several so let's pencil in the 2nd as the date. Location still to be determined.
  18. Price

    Price Steward Contributor

    Awesome! SWMBO will be out of town visiting family that weekend, so no "wife & kids clause" for me. Definitely in, thanks Stu!
  19. This is shaping up just the way we had hoped!
  20. Price informed me via PM of the G2G, put me down as a maybe, I'm way up nort near Price (work down the street from him), maybe we could carpool down??

    Des Plaines or Arlington Heights works for me, at the moment June 23 looks like the better date as well. but could possibly make June 2

    I have to invoke the Wife and Kids clause for the June 2 date, by June 23 the wife and kids will be in AL for summer vacation with my folks and I should be clear for liftoff on that date without problem.

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