Chanel Bois des Iles

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Schad, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Wearing this today. The opening is more feminine than Egoiste. The drydown is just as great.

    Egoiste is the louder, more masculine one.
    BDI seems more elegant and understated, closer to the skin.

    BDI also comes in parfum (I have the EDT) . Does anyone know if the parfum is only as splash-type or does it also come w/ sprayer? I get the impression it's without sprayer. Plus it's much more expensive, as in $170 or so for .5 ml. But I hear it is amazing.

    Egoiste is still my preferred, but there are occasions where I want something closer to the skin and BDI will be preferred....and I still get that awesome drydown.
  2. Chanel's Bois des Iles is considered by many as the epitome of elegance in terms of sandalwood. If like it, you should try the vintage, in which the sandalwood notes are even better. Yes, it starts feminine but not in a way that bothers me at all. The parfum is indeed much more expensive (I'm assuming you meant $170 for .5 oz?) and not necessarily worth it unless you really like the fragrance. However, it will emphasize the base notes tremendously and it sounds like that might be your favorite part. My experience with pure parfums is that they are best worn around the house or in more intimate settings such as dinner parties or date nights. I have no idea if they come with a sprayer but something tells me they don't.
  3. Thanks for reply. Yes I meant 0.5 oz. I don't like not having sprayer because I feel like I'm going to waste juice, especially expensive juice otherwise transferring it to skin. I'll probably just stick with the EDT then. I find the drydown to be fantastic and this is the type of scent I like to wear at night.

    With Egoiste you are announcing your presence because of awesome sillage (for me, at least). BDI is quiet and there are days, like today, where I want to be on the quiet side at work with my frag.

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