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  1. I've seen several posts about their soap, especially their shampoo bars. I'm considering buying some samples of both shampoo and bath bars. Any particular suggestions or recommendations? Also, has anyone used their shaving soap?
  2. I cannot live without their Cafe Moreno bar. The Rosemary Mint is nice, too.
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    I've got way too many shaving soaps already, so I haven't tried those. The shampoo bars are great. I'll second the recommendation for Cafe Moreno, but I also like Summer Sunshine.
  4. Never tried any of their soaps, but others have said that their shaving soaps are not yet ready for prime time.
  5. I love most of the soaps I have tried from them, my favorite body soap being the honey beer( lathers great), followed by the chocolate almond and shea rose. didn't care for the sea salt or the castile and calendula body bars. They worked, just that I prefer the others. I like the neem and tea tree bar, has a mild antiseptic smell to it, not that bad really, smells kinda like Listerine in a way to me but the soap works really good. I really love their shampoo bars, cafe moreno and honey butter and the ayuredic herb also. I've given the ayuredic herb bar to two women and they loved it. not only the smell, kinda spicy to me, but their hair was smoother and they noticed that even after one use they could brush with almost no tangles or snags. I can honestly say their soaps have really helped my skin, not that I had awful skin before some of the rough patches are a whole lot smoother now :) Plus, the main reason I began to use their shampoo bars was from itchy scalp, never have flakes, just an itchy scalp. the bars alone helped alot, but with the ungodly hard crappy water we have here I had to put a filter in my shower which helped so much.

  6. AVOID their shaving soap. They still haven't worked out the kinks (I am/was a beta tester for them).

    OTHERWISE... I'm a huge fan. Their soap and shampoo / personal care items are wonderful and the service is top notch. If you go on the web site, there's a guide to what to buy for soap and shampoo depending on your needs.
  7. Thanks, guys! I just placed an order for several soap and shampoo bar samples, but NOT the shaving soap. I've got so many good shaving soaps and creams, that I didn't need to buy one that isn't up to par. But, I see another AD coming on ... bar soap and shampoo bars! Here we go again! LOL
  8. Any of their Shampoo Bars are FANTASTIC. Wife and I have tried most
  9. It is best to order 4-5 different shampoo bars to get the best deal on shipping, which I found to be very reasonable. I have used 3 different shampoo bars and I think I prefer the CV ones.
  10. I received my envelope full of CV shampoo and soap samples today. I can't wait to try them all!

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