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  1. I enjoy the Cadet OC quite a bit. At first I thought it was too aggressive for me but after a week with the Tradere SB I learned how to ease up the touch and coupled with a Astra blade, you can feel the blade gently running against the skin just perfectly, with just right about perfect blade exposure.

    So now I got the itch again, and I read that the Cadet is somewhat similar to the Fatip. Actually the inital review of the Cadet gave it a nod over the Fatip.

    So for those of you who own both, how would you compare the two?
  2. I would love to get some answers to that to.I have a Fatop and iam thinking of a cudet.

    but i am no help at all sorry.
  3. I have both and find the cadet to be a smoother shave, slightly less aggressive. I also find the cadet to be better plated (both by fatips have plating flaws) and I prefer the cadet handles over the fatip. Needless to say, the fatip is no longer in my rotation. I love my cadet OC. I also have the cadet Closed comb which is aces as well.
  4. I would love to get some answers to that to.I have a Fatop and iam thinking of a cudet.

    but i am no help at all sorry.
  5. mines in the mail
  6. I prefer the Cadet/Matador/RazoRock/Pearl Open comb over any that I have owned or tried. My current open comb arsenal includes the FaTip, Old Types in both 102 ans 102A head variants, NEW Short and Long Comb, Merkur 41R and the Mühle R101.

    Although the Cadet/Matador/RazoRock/Pearl Open Comb is more aggressive as far as stubble reduction, the shave itself is noteably smoother.

    I think part of that has to due with tighter QC standards. All one needs to do is spend a few minutes reading through the FaTip handle thread to soon realize that there is no standard on what handle fits or what does not. Every day there is conflicting reports on what works or not.

    The craftsman ship on the Cadet/Matador/RazoRock/Pearl Open comb far exceeds that of any FaTip that I ave owned (and I am on my 3rd). Although not as good as Edwin Jagger, the quality is as good, if not better than many Merkurs, Parkers, and other razors costing two to three times the amount.

    When paired with the right blade, it will be the open comb you reach for the most.

    As far as handles fitting it, you have two options: Any handle that has deep enough threading will accept it. Such as Weber, iKon, many Edwin Jagger, Parkers, and Sabi. If a handle does not fit, you can swap out the top cap from a Merkur, EJ, or Sabi and it will fit virtuslly everything else. I have yet had a need to switch top caps, as the head works on any handle I own.

    Enjoy your Cadet and don't waste your money on a FaTip....although I shouldn't be saying that as I will be offering mine on B/S/T soon :wink2:
  7. Well, I thought if the fatip as a way to test the waters prior to a Joris as they share the same head design...
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    Well, the Joris has a heavier handle which improves the shave results significantly. If u can put a heavier handle on a FaTip then u more or less get the same results of a Joris.
  9. I really like my "Jaws" OC (same as Cadet.) The finish is stellar and as mentioned, it offers a smooth shave. I sold off my FaTip in nickle...not because I hated it, but because it was not used very often. What the Fatip lacks in finish, it makes up for in character. I think there's just something about owning an Italian made razor to pair up with your Italian soaps and creams. No, I'm not at all obsessed with Italian's....just love their food, and happened to marry one. :biggrin1:
  10. you know i find this all funny in a way. i got into traditional wet shave to get a better shave and not pay a tone for multiblade monsters. I am no getting a much better shave then I ever dreamed of with my fatip and the cost is less then i ever dreamed. yet i cant wait for the cadet to come because maybe its even better. Wow!
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    Changing the subject, but is the avatar your face? If it is, you have more chins than a Chinese phone book and I bet that sucker is hard to shave (NO PUN INTENDED).:shaving:. I have all three Fatip, Cadet, Jaws, and the Cadet I have has a huge handle and heavy also, plus I also have the Muhle R41.
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  12. What I find so funny is that you must be the 10th person to ask me if the Avatar was me....Although I may have double chin, it is not like that....from about a week ago, me and my little girl, Miss Lulu:
    A damn fine shave if I do say so...and that was about 7 hours into the day :D
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    I was just funning with you, I figured it wasnt but I couldn't resist, I'm kinda mean like that..
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    Error, my fault!
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  15. I want your help,as a Open Comb lover i have the Fatip and that Dr.Dittmar


    Do you see any difference with the Cadet ?


    My other problem is: the Pearl's head is identical ?


    Thank you for your time.

  16. I would not be surprised if the Dr. Dittmar is identical to the Cadet, Pearl and RazoRock.

    One factory seems to be very active with supplying private label razors.

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