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  1. My first brush was a rather large what I assume is a boar brush that I got from Zirh (why they would give me this when you are not able to use their shaving gel or cream with a brush I don't know), and am now ready to move on to a nicer brush. I am considering a Charles Tyrwhitt Brush/razor set ($103 and it is a "Best Badger Brush" , the Merkur Futur set ("Silvertip" and nice because I want to try a DE razor), or something else. Is the Futur brush any good? What would you suggest in the $100 range brush wise? I would do up to $200 with a DE razor set. Thanks for the advice guys.

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    I'll offer up two extremes. First, I'm not a "set" guy. I'm a "componet" guy. I don't care if the brush, razor and stand match. I want what I like. So, having said that, one of my favorite brushes is a $35 Crabtree & Evelyn brush, made by Edwin Jagger. And on the other end, I like just about anything that has Shavemac badger hair plugged in. Both are great brushes, but they are different. It will depend on what you like. Soft? Firm? Floppy? Lots of things to learn about brushes.

  3. The set is a compromise between me and the girlfriend. She doesn't want 800 things in the bathroom. She will agree to a set that matches or it has to stay in the cabinet, which will kill the brush over time because it won't drip dry right. I tend to like a medium brush that I can really work into a lather. I don't like when a brush feels like it pricks my face, but I don't like it so soft that I don't think it is getting to my skin. I also like a full sized brush.
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    Okay, compromise. Whatever you have to buy, she has to use! See if she agrees to that compromise. It's your face. A matching set vs. what works best for you are probably two very different things. For shaving her legs, my g/f uses a Gillette DE razor and a Savile Row brush. We agree on the shaiving cream. Shaving is a personal thing. What works for me may not work for anyone else. And the same for you. What benefits you, benefits her.

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    I understand your problem, particularly the "matching" thing. Sometimes I swear my wife changes outfits every time she goes into another room.:001_rolle

    My $0.02- ya might as well start pleasing her now and gaining her acceptance, because if you stick around here for more than a few minutes you are going to wind up with those 800 items.
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    Sounds as a really good advice to me... first get yourself a set, whatever you like, then later (much later??) buy yourself a really good shaving brush such as a Savile Row from the SR 2 ... series. You will not disappointed, take a look in the review section at the review Kyle gave about the SR212.

    The whole thing is what Ouch said: eventually there's absolutely no escape to catch SBAD, RAD, SCAD if you stick around at this place....and i hope you'll do, because classic wetshaving is a real joy forever (and a very severe attack on your wallet...:001_rolle )

  7. Well, one of the reasons I moved to a wetshave and am now seeking a better wetshave is because she has very sensative skin that I tear apart with my stubble. It's quire bad if I don't shave. What I am hearing though is that the Merkur Futur brush may not be so great. How much is the S2?

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    Take a look here

    The SR 2 series being the best value for price imo

  9. [​IMG] The massive 30mm in faux tortoise SR212 is a measly $82

    [​IMG] The medium/large sized ST208 is only $59

    WITHOUT question - this series, along with the $35 C&E are the best value, depending on what you want.

    I must say.... I have way too many shaving brushes.... and I really want that SR208/212
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    Ditto to what Joel said. I adore my SR-208.
  11. Can someone please post a pic of a bloomed Savile Row 208?

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    Ask, and you shall receive...

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    i personally like the brush that comes with the merkur/dovo futur set....i use mine in the it is pretty good with soaps as well as creams. I believe that this little brush is somewhat under-rated amongst all the choices available out there.

    I might look at a smaller shavemac, myself for the under $100 range.

    mark the shoeshine boy
  14. I have the Merkur Vision brush, but I believe it's virtually the same as the Futur brush. I completely agree with Mark. I love the brush. It is firm, but not overly so. The bristles are not at all scratchy either.

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