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  1. Does anyone have recommendations for brick and mortar sources of shaving creams in the Portland, Oregon area.

    I would like to find somewhere to purchase Musgo or Speick creams.


  2. Here's what I've been able to find:

    Body Shop (Clackamas Town Center or Washington Square) - Body Shop SC and ASBs

    Bath and Body Works (CTC) - C.O. Bigelow re-packaged Proraso.

    Portland Cutlery (Downtown on Broadway), Merkur razors and blades, some Dovo straights, and Col. Conk soaps (same stuff at Excalubur Cutlery in Washington Square or Merlo's in CTC).

    Crabtree and Evelyn, Washington Square - The famous C&E BBB and their line of soaps and creams (very nice, IMHO).

    Haven't found any of the Three T's or another source of Proraso locally. If you find anything, please let me know!

  3. Mario's downtown also has some of the higher end supplies and I've heard that something called Undergear for Men or some such thing on Broadway also has some shaving supplies.

    Good luck with the search!
  4. Thanks to everyone for the tips.

    I've done a little exploring and found the following shaving products around PDX:

    Barvarian Sausage Delicatessen in Tigard has Nivia shave cream and a few colognes (Tabac & Speick if I remember correctly)

    Edelweiss Deli in Portland has Nivea and Tabac shave creams.

    Sadly, Bath and Body Works could not say if or when they would have more of the C.O. Bigelow branded Proraso. The customer service 800 number was no more helpful.

  5. clyde-

    definitely stop at one of the french quarters- musgo real shave cream for $10. the one here also has the aftershave splash and cologne of it. also, they have omega cream in a tub for $7 (great deal-i really like this stuff, it is said to be about the same as poraso with a bit less menthol). did you hit up nordstrom? they usually have a pretty good selection of t&h.

    i think pioneer square has a l'occitane shop.

  6. New member here. I’ve lurked for a while and thought I’d post since I actually have something to add.

    Here’s a list of what I’ve found here in Portland. Some of it was stated in previous posts, but I figured a combined list of all the places I've personally explored would be helpful:

    Portland Cutlery (Downtown on Broadway) - has a small selection of Merkur DE razors and sells Merkur blades. I believe they also sell Col. Conks soaps. I picked up my Merkur HD here.

    Excalibur/Merlo’s/other “knife shops”
    (Lloyd Center/Clackamas Town Center/Washington Square Mall) – These shops have a few Merkur DE razors, Merkur blades, a couple of brushes and Col. Conk soaps.

    French Quarter Linens (NW 13th & Glisan) – their downtown site carries Musgo Real shaving cream, Omega shaving cream and the clerk said they sometimes carry Musgo Real after shave (they were out of stock today) and other brands. They also have three other stores, with their Eugene site carrying more shaving and bath supplies than the others. The clerk said they can have products brought up from Eugene to their Portland stores if you request.

    The Body Shop (several locations) – carry a really nice shaving cream and synthetic brush (tried these), plus aftershaves, balms, face lotions and other men’s grooming products (haven’t tried these).

    Bath and Body Works (several locations) – as stated above, they carry C.O. Bigelow and a small selection of shaving creams, after shaves and other shaving products.

    Crabtree and Evelyn
    (Washington Square) – this store carries their own line of shaving creams and soaps, a few brushes and stands, and other men’s products.

    Undergear for Men (Downtown on Broadway, across the street from Portland Cutlery) – this underwear shop has a little counter in the back the has a small selection of soaps, creams, brushes and razors, although I didn’t catch what brands these were (it was in my early stages of DE shopping).

    Macy’s/Nordstrom/Mario’s/Other department stores (various locations) – these stores carry after shaves and sometimes high-end shaving creams in their cologne/perfume department. A little pricey, but it’s another option.

    L’Occitane (Pioneer Place, Washington Square) – carries their own brand of pricey supplies. Small selection, but they actually have an alum bar, which I haven’t seen in the other stores.

    New Seasons (various locations) – carries a couple of different brands of “natural” shaving creams, Omega brushes and few other supplies (no DE razors or blades).

    And of course Fred Meyer/Target/Etc - carry the usual Old Spice, Nivea, Gillette, Neutrogena brands of shaving creams, aftershaves, etc.

    I still haven’t found a good place for blades. I’d love to hear if someone knows of a place. I’ll add to this list as I find more shaver-friendly shops in Portland.
  7. That's unexpected, given Eugene's large unshaven hippie population. :biggrin:

    Disclaimer: I went to the U of O and would seriously consider living in Eugene. It's a really nice town.
  8. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  9. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    I added this thread to this list. Thanks!
  10. I just went to the Nordstroms in Washington Square, sadly the had no Truefitt and Hill anything. When I asked the makeup bot if they carried any, she a\had no idea what i was talking about. Looks like all the shaving stuff is now Art of Shaving.
  11. I bought a Merkur Classic (rinky-dink, not HD) from Portland Cutlery on Broadway. Pricier than online, but I didn't have to pay/wait for shipping. They sell Merkur (and only Merkur) blades there, too. Pretty slim selection on any other shaving stuff--mostly just some Old Conk soap and a couple of straights/accessories.

    Fred Meyer sells store-brand DE blades that look like Gillettes to me (judging by the packaging, anyway).

    I bought a synthetic brush and shave cream from the Body Shop in Pioneer Place, both of which I heartily recommend from my modest experience.

    New Seasons sells Pacific Shave Oil at some locations, but not others. They have it right now at the store on SE Division and 20th, but not on N Interstate or in Hillsboro. The latter two shops also carry the Omega boar brush.

    I checked out Undergear, which is across the street from Portland Cutlery and found them to be fairly lame in terms of shaving. They only carry one brand (the brand didn't impress me much, or I would have remembered it. Sorry!) and only have cartridge razors. They did have some neat-looking alum blocks, though.

    Bonus tip: some of you may know that alum blocks are made of the same stuff as those funky deodorant crystals. You can get travel-sized deodorant crystals at Fred Meyer or New Seasons and possibly save some money and have something a little more travel-worthy.

    Finally, HairM Grooming (SW 1st, downtown) has a small selection of high-end shaving and skin care products for men, as well as some pretty knowledgeable staff (especially Jenny). They also do straight razor shaves and give damn fine haircuts.

    Well, I hope that saves someone the trouble of having to run all over the city like I did. I would also like to mention that classic shaving managed to get the products I ordered into my hands within 2-3 days by standard shipping, so you other impatient Portlanders can feel confident that your stuff will get there right quick if you order from them.

    If anyone knows of a B&M place around where I can get a shave-ready Dovo Classic or comparable cheap-ish starter straight, feel free to let us know.
  12. Check out Big Lots for the funky deodorant crystals. I snagged a decent sized one for $0.80. They had quite a few. There were larger sized ones as well. The one I picked up was about 1" in diameter and about 2" tall.

    This was at a Big Lots in Gresham.

    The Kroger brand razors at Fred Meyer scared me and I have not tried them.
  13. They're not so bad. I had much worse results from Merkur blades.
  14. The Excalibur in Washington Square carries some Trumper creams and soaps. According to the salesman, they are the only Excalibur that carries Trumper instead. They don't carry any Colonel Conk like the rest of the Excalibur stores either.
  15. I figured I would add more of my findings here, as it seems some things aren't current.

    It seems the French Quarter no longer carries Shaving creams. Atleast, according to the woman I spoke with at the Bridgeport Village store in Tigard. She claimed this was for ALL stores, although I haven't verified it for myself.

    The Bath and Bodyworks in Washington square is carrying the C.O. Bigelow rebranded Proraso at $10 for a 5.2oz tube

    Nordstroms carrys the art of shaving, and some "Jack Black" stuff. In my opinion, it's nothing worthy of having to endure the Nordstroms "experience" (I've got quite a few tattoos and a shaved head. Every time I walk in I get followed around like I'm going to steal anything I can find)

    The "Undergear" store has some eshave stuff and some of their own brand stuff. they also sell some fancy foo foo boutique brushes and mach3's. Once again, nothing I would go back for, but someone out there might like it.

    There's a "kiehls" on NW 23rd that has some shaving cream. I've heard a few people say it was pretty good, but I've never tried it.

    There's a Barber in Bridgeport village called "The Vital Barbershop" they do straight razor shaves and advertise mens shaving products, although I've never been in and don't know specifically what they carry.
  16. That must be a new thing. I was in there about a month ago and swear I saw Col Conk's puck on the shelf. the guy behind the counter is a DE shaver and likes to talk shaving.

    Here in Salem, we have the Slab Soap store for shaving soaps made in the store. We have to go to Portland or Eugene for the rest of it:blush:
  17. Turns out I was wrong, When I was in there probably about 2 months ago they just didn't have the Colonel Conks stuff out for some reason. Perhaps they were out, at the time, or they were asjusting the shelves or something. I was in there yesterday and it was out, as well as the trumpers.

    One of the guys I talk to in there, I think his name is Eric, Shaves with a DE and uses Trumpers Sandalwood, but for some reason he doesn't use a brush... he just uses the trumpers in a tube brushless...

    Such a shame...
  18. I took a trip to the French Quarter store in downtown portland, and they still have both the Omega and Musgo Real creams, as well as a selection of other musgo real products, including the soaps and ASB. I had never tried Musgo Real before, so I picked up a tube and am very glad I did. It's absolutely awesome stuff. The scent Is great. I wish they made an after shave that smelled the same (I've heard the ASB and cologne smell different, right?)

    I asked the sales woman if they had any intention on no longer carrying it and she had no idea what I was talking about. I'm hoping the woman at the other store just had no idea what she was talking about...
  19. Anyone know where to purchase Jeris Osage Rub aftershave in Portland or Salem area? Sally's Beauty Supply does not carry it. A fellow forum member mentioned a Barber supply store in Portland, but I couldnt find it there either.


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