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  1. Hello!!

    i bougth the block a wild ago and must say it is a wonderful thing
    if you dont have it go and get it.
  2. Nothing wrong with Block Osma but there are equally performing alum blocks out there that are much cheaper.
  3. Hi can you give me some names plz?
  4. You can buy the same stuff from and classic shaving sells it too to just name 2. Both are way cheaper and it's the same stuff.
  5. There are a couple of nonames from India and Chine. The one I currently use is called "Allume Di Rocca Naturale". Distributed by an Italian company but made in China. The cost was around 2€.
  6. Bloc Osma is a fine alum block: smooth, sturdy, and generally devoid of cracks.

    Having said that, it is also rediculously overpriced, considering that you can get a less pretty, perhaps slightly more fragile block for about 1/4th the price.
  7. I think my bloc Osma was about $11.00. Knowing alum blocks, I reckon this will likely last me about 2 years. This works out to about .015 cents/day if I figure correctly.

    No problem. If you dig the Osma, splurge. Life is short and you probably have the .015 cents/day to spare, even over the next two years.:thumbup1:
  8. tx fore the tips picked up my fore about 6,50 us dollars.
  9. importerade du den själv
    eller är det någon här hemma som säljer den?
  10. 444 alum block is just as good as OSMA and for a fraction of the price:


    I am happy for I can still buy these ones for about €1,50 in stores around the corner here in Portugal. :thumbup1:
    This alum block is made by the makers of the well-known 444 aftershave mentholated gel.

    The rest of the world can find it in Leon's online store,

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