Blade making a difference in closeness?

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  1. I had worked through a sampler pack of blades from WCS and finally settled on Astra SPs as my daily blade. 2 weeks ago, I loaded a Feather and got a really close shave, better than with the Astra. Did the same thing today. I can't imagine my technique is that much different. Same razor as well- 59' Fat Boy. Anyone else out there notice they get a closer shave with different blades?
  2. Absolutely...all blades are not created equal.
  3. THG


    I get a closer shave with some blades compared with others. But the sharpest blades don't necessarily give me the closest shave.

    I started with Merkur, using about 5 blades. Then I got Astras, which are sharper, and I got a closer shave.

    I recently started sampling other blades. So far, I have sampled Shark and Derby.

    The Shark (stainless) is noticeably less sharp compared with the Astra, but it got me just as close a shave, minus dryness and irritation.

    I just tried a Derby blade today, and I am very pleased. The blade was slightly sharper than the Shark. It was almost as comfortable, and I got the closest shave I've ever had.

    So yes, the blade does make a difference in closeness.
  4. omg, yes. There are places on my face, under my chin to be precise, that I can almost never get BBS. Some blades will come close and give me true BBS everywhere else. Some blades will do worse in this tough spot and leave just a little something that you can still feel elsewhere.

    There's no "Official", objective list of blades ranked by sharpness, but I think the blades I get the closest shaves from are generally considered to be sharp, e.g., Iridiums, Perma-Sharps, 7 Yellows. Strangely, I have used 3 or 4 Feathers for a couple of shaves each and have yet to get a shave from them as close as some of these others.
  5. +1 I agree with everything Jim said--Even the "under the chin"-- my problem area too-and Jim thanks for turning me on to the SI's 2 months ago--
  6. Closest shave I can get is the first shave from a Feather. Unfortunately, the bloodiest shave I can get is likely to be the second shave from a Feather. If I could afford one blade per day, I'd use Feathers.

    As it is, my regular daily blades are Astra SPs and Personna Lab Blues.
  7. yes, I think blade and razor aggresiveness affect closeness.
    but imho, you don't have to use the sharpest blade or the most aggressive razor for the closest shave.
  8. Of course. I noticed a big difference with Feathers. And I get 5 smooth saves from any of them, while other guys can't stand the second! It's a YMMV issue.:001_unsur
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  9. The consensus is that Feathers are the sharpest but there is a balance between sharpness and smoothness. I get good shaves from Wilkinson Sword Classics, Personnas, Astra SP (currently my favorites), Israeli Personnas and Crystals. Derby, not so much.
  10. Best balance for me, in terms of closeness, smooth irritaion free shaves are a Medical Prep and a Perma Sharp. I find these blades to have the good balance between sharpness and smoothness.

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