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Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by Mike in Cincy, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a good, store bought (supermarket or drug store) facial cleanser/wash. Any recommendations?
  2. Cetaphil or generic knockoff.
  3. I use Neutrogena deep clean soap in the pump bottle and cream in the tube. The cream in the tube has a proraso-like cooling effect.

    I have pretty oily skin and it does a great job without drying my skin out.

  4. :thumbup: Gets face really clean without drying.

    Another fave is the Aveeno Dry Skin bar. It will leave your skin silky smooth.
  5. I bought it online, but I understand that Proraso products are more available in the U.S. Their glycerine based face bar cleanses well and softens the bristles pre-shave.
  6. Noxema, or even the store brand knockoff, works well.
  7. sharps citrus bite facial toner.IMO about the best of their products.
  8. L'Oreal Men's Expert Power Clean facewash. Great, clean feeling, I've had ZERO pimples on my face in about a year of using it once a day, and it smells good. Plus it has very masculine packaging, so your SO doesn't mistake it for theirs.
  9. Nivea for Men Face Wash. This stuff rocks and compares well to higher end brands that I've used.
  10. There is no such thing as best. When it comes to personal hygene items stuff works different for everybody. Right now I use Dove Cool Moisture face wash with cucumber and lotion, which I bought at Wal Mart. IDK if it's best for me or not because it's immposible to try them all out. I believe it works Ok. Afterall they all feature pretty similiar ingridients in their formulas, but with different added scents.
  11. I recently started using Every Man Jack face scrub in signature mint. It is one of the best I have tried. I get it all Wal-Mart.
  12. +1 on that. Everyman Jack is also available at Target too. I love their signature mint. Plus it's cheap. Like $5 for each one of their products.
  13. That or Nivea Sensitive :cool:
  14. Nivea double action face wash for the normal days.
    Clean and Clear Black head acne scrub i.e. ingrown killer for the days I get cocky.
  15. i bought some bodyshop tea tree oil facial toner, i am impressed,
  16. My shaving soap/cream seems to do a great job cleaning my cheeks/chin/neck. Does anyone else using their remaining lather to scrub their nose and forehead, instead of using a separate product?
  17. When I was a teen I used Boraxo powered hand soap and cold water (true story; it worked well). Coach said it would build character as well as clean my skin. Hmm, I'm not sure, but he may have been a bit masochistic. ;-)
  18. daily: loreal men's expert power clean
    once a week or so: st. ive's apricot scrub or nivea energizing face scrub
  19. Seconded. I saw them on sale at Target for ~$2; now, I regret not grabbing ten bottles. I'd say I've got average skin, and this is the first cleanser that I've liked. It leaves my skin very soft and smooth, with just the right amount of moisture. Thumbs up!
  20. I am also a fan of the Everyman Jack. I use it to wash my face at night, it is a quite refreshing and mild cleaner. The signture scent is my favorite. I do not like the simulated wood grain cap, it reminds me of old station wagon.

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