Best pre shave cream?

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  1. I just came to enjoy the white proraso after hating the edwin jagger unscented. Where would i go next? Is there a pre shave cream better than proraso??? Love to plan and dream about future purchases :)
  2. For pre shave creams, you probably have the most highly-regarded cream out there. For pre-shave oils, though, there is a whole new world...
  3. All I used are the two versions of Proraso but I know Vitos and TFS have their own. I sticked to the white version, mainly because I can't stand eucalyptus and because I want my soap to be the dominant scent and not my pre-shave. But both work well as a pre.
  4. For pre shave cream, does anyone else put some soap lather on right as you lead the brush and then let it sit as you make the "real" lather? I have no idea if it makes a difference, but I like to think so. As for pre shave oils, using some homemade stuff, I haven't really noticed anything much.
  5. The proraso in the white jar was my first pre-shave cream. I did like it, however I found that it would build up on the razor blade and just stick there. Kind of got annoying. So I tried Floid pre-shave oil and I love the stuff. Only downside to it is the price. Other than that it is fantastic and I would choose that anyday over the Proraso pre-shave cream.
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    Here's another preshave 'balm', SMN. Really nice, very homogenized (in contrast to the 'lumpy' Proraso) and with a nice mellow scent.

    $smn june 18-D8C_2899s.jpg
  7. [​IMG]

    Very elegant! Italian is another plus.
  8. I use 2 products right now

    Proraso pre shave: I like the coolness of the eucalyptus. Since I'm a frozen face freak

    Razorock professional shave lube: Has a great peppermint scent.

    No complaints about either. But I'm not 100% sure that they provide me with a better shave than just soaking my brard real well before I shave? That said they both make for an enjoyable experince before I shave.
  9. I'm a preshave oil guy, but I thought Cremo worked pretty well as a preshave cream.
  10. I've come to appreciate Noxzema. I can get a tub for $4 and a thin layer seems to do the trick for me. I have the Proraso White also and they both perform well for me.
  11. Glycerin from the Chemists works for me.
  12. Myrsol Emulsion is terrific as a pre-shave lotion and after-shave balm. I haven't touched my Proraso since I discovered Myrsol.

    This is what I use, 3P Pre & Post Cream. I also have Proraso White and the Green, they all work.

    The majority of the time though I use Musgo Real Lime Oil Soap, I get good results with it.
  14. I just posted about Trumpers skin food. It was much much better than any other product I have ever used as a pre shave. You can buy a sample pack of Trumpers creams from their site inexpensively and you get a couple skin food samples thrown in as well as some of their colognes.
  15. After many months of reading an trying, I make my own pre shave lotion which has worked great. No more irritation.
  16. I really like Cremo for this as well.

  17. Just tried floids preshave oil and am very impressed. It will replace proraso for me.
  18. I use cheap hair conditioner, I believe some of the more expensive conditioners have ingredients that strengthen your hair, hence why I go cheap.

    After washing my face in the shower I rub some into my beard and then keep it in until I wash off just before lathering up.
  19. Oddly enough, when I wasn't shaving properly (fresh off canned goop and fusion) -- 2 ATG passes thinking it was WTG; I was able to use Proraso white pre/post cream both pre and post. Worked great! And felt good. Now I'm properly doing WTG passes and using it as post burns! Post with green (possibly the cooling covers it up) doesn't seem to burn at all. Both work as pre just fine. Soon I will try a few different AS's, but I started off with pre/post in order to simplify the amount of different products.
  20. Proraso Pre & (at that time) Post was a game-changer for me, so I've stuck with it. I haven't used it post shave in a long while, though.

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