Barcelona, here I come!

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  1. Alright, so, the wife and I are finally going on our Honeymoon to Barcelona in a little over a week.

    Anybody know of any good shops/sources for shaving stuff in this area? I'll be taking my Old Type clone and a small tube of C.O. Bigelow, but I'm definitely always on the hunt for new gear.
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    Be sure to pick up some LaToja sticks...they are dirt cheap over there
  3. My family and I are going to the Iberian Peninsula next summer (latest plans anyway!). I can't wait to stock up on La Toja, Real Musgo, O Melhor, 444 AS balm (though I understand you will only find it in Portugal).... Following with interest!
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  4. Be sure to try some La Toja Magno Soap. I have heard some good things about it. Not a shaving soap, but an all purpose body soap.
  5. I lived in Spain for about a year back in 06-07, before I ever thought I'd use a safety razor and a brush, and I really enjoyed the various La Toja products. I recall that lots of parfumerias and large supermarkets carry various shave creams for use with a brush (beyond La Toja and Palmolive I can't recall the specific brands). The Magno soap is amazing, IMO, although people either love or hate the scent. Heno de Pravia is another classic Spanish bath/shower soap that has a nice scent. I used to use the La Toja foam and thought it was a great foam with a great scent.

    Right now, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a tube of the La Toja cream for the brush that I ordered from Vintage Scent.
  6. I wish you and your your wife a wonderful trip and a happy honeymoon :thumbup1:

    How long did you guys wait before going to this trip?
  7. La Toja and Spanish Floid bring back a case or two and sell them on BS&T.
  8. Forget shaving while you're there, you need to focus on the eating man! Northern Spain has one of the best food cultures in the world, and among the cheapest in Western Europe too.
  9. I have no recommendations for you, unfortunately, but just want to wish you a great trip, I ahve been to Barcalona twice and absolutley love it there!!! It was such a blast, have fun and definitely focus some time on enjoying the cuisine!
  10. If you're going to Barcelona, I have an excellent tip for you:


    Ganiveteria Roca
    Plaça del Pi, 3
    08002 Barcelona


    Tel: (+34) 93 302 1241
    Fax: (+34) 93 412 5349

    Opening hours:
    Week days:
    09:45 .- 13:30
    16:15 .a 20:00
    10:00 - 14:00
    17:00 - 20:00

    It is an old store situated at the Barrio Gótico (Gothic Neighbourhood).


    Omega brushes, Merkur razors, several brands of shaving software... Floid, L'Occitane, Proraso, Kent, among others.
    They even have a museum featuring old razors!

    Take a look to the window dedicated to shaving gear:


    In local supermarkets and drugstores you can find several worthy shaving items, like the shaving creams by La Toja (two varieties, sensitive and regular), Palmolive (these European versions are very nice and come in two varieties, Classic and Sensitive) and Nivea (made in Germany by Florena, and very nice). The shaving sticks by LaToja, BEA and LEA are somewhat easy to find at these places.

    Myrsol is also a very good classic afteshave lotion, grab it if you can.

    Happy honeymoon and happy shopping!
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  11. oversaturn, excellent information. We're already planning on doing some wandering in the Barri Gótic, so this will be perfect. Thanks!

    BladeRunner001, my wife and I were married at the end of May this year. We put off the honeymoon because the rest of our summer was already fairly busy, and we wanted to wait until nearer the end of the tourist season.

    Go West Young Man and King Bongo: don't worry, we're going to be doing plenty of eating. We're both big-time foodies, so that's going to be a good portion of this trip.

    Thanks everyone for the info and the well-wishing. We've been looking forward to this trip for a while; it'll be nice to get a bit of a vacation, see the sights, eat the food, and hopefully pick up some new gear!

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