Barbasol Non-Aerosol Therapeutic Shave Cream

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Tommy_C, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I just tried some of the Barbasol brushless cream for the first time, today. I got a fabulous shave with it. The review is posted here.

    Has anyone else tried this cream besides me?
  2. Is there a lathering version of this?
  3. Well, no. Barbasol only makes the foam in the can or this non-lathering cream. Sorry.
  4. I like this stuff a lot. I always get a good shave when I use it. The only complaint I have is that it's very sticky on my face and takes forever to rinse off. But it does always leave my face very smooth.

    And what's that smell? It smells like some soap I've used in the past but I can't put my finger on it. Is it lanolin?
  5. That is true. I should have put that in the review, but I forgot. It is very, very thick. I had to make sure to rinse my razor more than usual, to make sure it wasn't getting gunked up. The super smooth shave and the baby soft skin afterward really compensated for that, though. :)
  6. Hey Tommy;

    Where did you find this stuff?

    If you start using this cream, how are you ever going to use up your Tom's Of Maine?
  7. Well, that is the insidious part of SCAD. Sadly, my SSAD & SCAD have assured that I have more soaps and creams than I could possibly use in the next two years, probably. :frown:

    I had to order it off It's only $4.49. If you have a large enough order (I indulged my ASAD at the same time), you can get free shipping.
  8. I'm lucky to have a local drug store that sells Barbasol NA, I think it's around $3 or so. :biggrin: I have to say I got a fantastic shave with this stuff this morning. Followed up with some AV Musk. Awesome. I don't miss the brush at all with results like this.. I'll probably have to buy another tube soon, as I end up using a lot of the stuff on each shave. Since I keep track of what I use every day I'll be able to tell how many shaves I got from the tube.
  9. How does it compare to Edge in a tube ?
  10. Edge in a tube? I'm not sure if we even have that down here..

    I know that it blows away Edge in a can!

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