Any flashlight/lumen nerds out there?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors!' started by seizure, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. I recently purchased both a Lumapower Incendio V3U and an Olight i1... Wonderful little lights.

    The Incendio supposedly can crank out 300+ lumens with a RCR123A, while the i1 can only handle a regular 123A but still outputs 170 lumens.

    I passed up some more spendy options like Sunwayman, since my application is pretty limited - just random stuff around the house.

    Curious if there are any other flashlight nerds out there that attempt to find the smallest but brightest lights available. I'd love to hear suggestions for my next impulsive purchase.
  2. I'm partial to Fenix.
  3. I've certainly heard wonderful things about Fenix. Have a favorite model?

    I love the diffusers they're making now - my Lumapower came with one and I've used it a lot.
  4. I own about 8 various LED lights... Mostly foursevens.

    I have a preon 1/preon 2/preon 0/quark AA/Quark 2AA/itp A3/thrunite firefly/Quark Mini AA and probably a few more I'm forgetting to mention. Preon 1/2 is my EDC, preon 0 stays on my keychain. 2AA is in my car, A3 went to my mom, Quark Mini is in the SHTF bag, and thrunite firefly is in my leatherman holster.
  5. I have a Fenix 31, use it for work. It was under 60.00 and throws over 300 lumens. Great light.
  6. Moe


    We have three 4Sevens Quark R5 editions; two AA2 and one (single) 123. They all use the same 3 volt head and tail. I carry the 123 in my pocket.
  7. I've got the four-AA headlight with diffuser and use that for night work as a traffic signal technician.
    I also have a couple of different hand-held models, all two-AA.
  8. I've got a LumiLight Ultimate LightCannon that puts out a bit over 1000 lumen. It's got 3 18650 cells in it, but can be shortened to use 2. I usually use it on the lowest setting which gives me about 300 lumen of output. This is for walks during the dark winter months, or camping, not really practical to carry all the time.
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    Lots of flashlight geeks here.
  10. Jim

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    Flashlights randomly show up here all the time.
  11. After setting up a Dereelight for throw and a Zebralight for hands free I have not thought much about it. Needs met. Hurricane proven.

    I sure like my old E2e with warm light for walking the woods though. White blue light sucks for seeing hidden holes.
  12. I was into building and modifying flashlights a few years back, candlepowerforums was the place for reviews modified lights.
  13. I usually build something for various purposes, from flounder gig light to shrimp lights. Most are built from various from of LEDs from Cree to Luxeon to unknown super bright from various foreign sources. I was a big fan of SureFire until other brands have caught up.
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    I was banned from candlepowerforums for putting oil on coticules.
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    While this statement makes no sense to me, I'm sure it's hillarious to someone.:biggrin1:
  16. This is the best post I've read in months :)
  17. Recently bought a Klarus XT-11 and it is doing a wonderful job at its primary task (making my Dad's flashlight look lame)!

  18. I've got several nice lights, mostly Surefire brand. I bought the first before deploying to Iraq and was blown away at how much better it was than the cheapo incandescent stuff that I had been using. That light is still going strong after five or six years and I've added a couple more that output a bit more light.
  19. Hi my name is Tim and I'm a recovering Flashaholic.
  20. Welcome, Tim.

    ...How in the heck did you cure Flashaholism?

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