Always end up with ink all over my hands

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by joeboom, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I have a Lamy Safari and a Platinum Plaisir and everyday I end up with ink all over my hands. The nibs always seem wet? I dont know if this is normal or if Im just not writing correctly. Does this happen to anyone else? I've tried 3 different inks and its always the same. Its not from the ink not drying on the paper but its coming from the nib of the pen. Anyone have any tips on how to stop this :(
  2. Dave258

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    Is there ink in the cap, like the pen is leaking? I have never had a Plaisir, but that never happened to me with my Safari. Are the converters pushed in all the way?
  3. Sometimes there is some ink in the cap. Yeah I made sure the converters are on tight. Only pen it doesnt happen with is the preppy lol
  4. Dave258

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    Stupid question but after you fill the pen, do you clean the excess ink off of the nib and the section? Are your pens stored nib up, or down? Funny how both of the pens are leaking the same way.
  5. maxman

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    When do you get the ink on your hands?
    When you pull the cap off? (is it leaking?)
    When you are writing? (are you fingers too close to the nib?)
    After you are done writing? (smudging the paper?)
  6. I assume you are using converters. Try it with a cartridge and see if it leaks. If not, it's likely a converter. A minute air leak in a converter will cause what you describe.
  7. I do clean them but maybe not as well as I should so maybe that might be a reason. When theyre not in use theyre laying down on my desk. Should I place them in a pen holder?

    After I'm done writing is when I usually notice it I dont think its from smudging the paper since its usually on my finger tips.

    Yeah I use converters on the Safari and the Plaisir. Maybe its the converters I'm not too sure. Maybe I just dont know how to write with a fountain pen :(
  8. nemo

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    Ink in the cap is a good deduction. If the capped pens are being jostled around ink can fly out into the cap and onto the grip. Try wiping down the grip with a paper towel or tissue before handling it and see if you are getting some ink.

    A wet nib is fine as your fingers should not touch it -- you should be holding above the nib and of course if you are putting your finger to the nib you'll get a stain. I doubt if it's the converter, I haven't seen a bad one in years. Flat storage won't be a problem.

    Wash and dry the caps now (and occasionally).
  9. Join the club, buddy.

  10. Oh when's the next meetup? I will need to wear dark colors. :biggrin1:
  11. I'm currently sporting cheap imported printer ink since my boss is cheap and won't buy name brand ink...
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    Inky is great with inks.......:biggrin1: yeah right....He always carries now InkNix or latex gloves....remember last year in the cafe house in NYC....glad Brian had some InkNix on hand.
  13. I'm probably a FP newbie in comparison to most people here as I've only been using FPs since 1997 or thereabouts and have had only a limited number of brands in my experience.
    Having said that, my most recent two are a Mont Black Meisterstuck Le Grand and a Conklin Victory. I found myself with ink on my fingers after handling them on a fairly consistent basis. Finally, I notice that I had a habit of sitting in meeting and tapping the end of the pen on the table, spinning it 180 degrees and tapping it again. Ink was being forced off the nib into the caps. After spending a CONSIDERABLE amount of time trying to break myself of the habit, I finally succeeded and found no more problems with ink on my fingers.
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    I'm wearing a hazmat suit and full face shield to the next meetup if Inky is there
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    I think Harbor Freight has those on sale this week!

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