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  1. Can you use an alcohol based aftershave (oldspice) when wetshaving, and if so what order and do you still need a balm?
  2. Unless you are prone to an adverse reaction to the alcohol or any other ingredients in the aftershave, you can always use an alcohol based AS, Old Spice included. I'm using an Old Spice that was manufactured back in 1976 with no adverse reactions so far :)

    As to the order, well.. shave, rinse face thoroughly with cold water after the last pass, towel dry, apply aftershave.

    In my opinion, you should either apply an aftershave balm or lotion at a time. Most brands offer both variants of their products and some even offer alcohol-free balms and lotions as well.
  3. Should I do the balm first or AS
  4. I put on a balm (Trumpers Skin Food) or witch hazel, let it dry and then a light splash of aftershave.
  5. Of course you can. Personally that's the only type of aftershave I use as I don't particularly care for oily stuff on my skin, and if I did I would just use plain mineral oil instead of overpriced oil/water emulsions.
  6. Yeah, balm first then AS. There are several balm's without any scent to them, so they're good to sooth your face after the shave is done.
  7. I have not tried a balm yet, but I enjoy my Old Spice. It is just a great end to my shave.
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    I just put on an AS like Old Spice or DR Harris Marlborough. Then I follow with some Nivea Sensitive Balm, because alcohol dries my skin too much.
    So yes you can just use your Old Spice.
  9. I'm still pretty new to this as well, but I've had great success with the nivea balm(s), but in warmer weather I tend to use just the regular aftershave.

    Good luck and welcome aboard.
    ... Linedrive
  10. I use AS then a balm
  11. I use witch hazel, followed by whatever my alcohol based aftershave choice of the day is. I don't find any need for a balm.
  12. I usually use a splash,then a balm simply because my skin gets dry from the alcohol.You can also try adding glycerin to your AS splash.
  13. Aftershaves are applied after you shave and dry your face off.

    Most aftershave splashes sting like hell, and they only ever aggravated my razor burn, though lots of people enjoy the stinging sensation. The only exceptions I know of are Mennen Skin Bracer, many of the Trumper ones, A*Men and Halston Catalyst - they don't sting much, and actually sooth and slightly moisturise. Also there are other good ones that have "toner" in their name, like Olay Men.

    I've found a lot of designer after shave gels sting like hell (worst was Nautica Latitude Longitude), but the ones from Gillette are pretty good.

    Aftershave balms is what I usually go for. I haven't found one that doesn't work well, soothing the skin and moisturising it - be it supermarket stuff, expensive stuff from the big skin care people, or the scented designer stuff.
    I use unscented balms like Nivea for Men Extrasensitive either,
    a.......Just by themselves, or
    b....... I put them on, wait 10 minutes or more, then put scented designer aftershave splashes over the top of them (this way, the latter don't sting much), or
    c........I put some balm in my hand, spray three shots of Cologne/EDT into it, mix it with my finger and apply (this way, I make my own scented designer balms, rather than buying them).
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    There's no specific order, it depends what works for you. I only use a splash, no balm. It depends on your skin type.
  15. +1
    I sometimes mix some Nivea sensitive Balm with Old Spice AS in my hand. Works great. Nice smell and moisture.
  16. Plenty of chaps at Basenotes have said the exact same thing to me over the years, including how it made them feel alive first thing in the morning.
    I'm more of the opinion that I know that I am alive already.

  17. That's good. The balm mixing technique I describe always works with designer scents, but sometimes it kills off too many notes of a particular scent, so that it smells a bit deficient.
  18. Cornhuskers + favorite aftershave = Poor Boys Skin Food.
  19. +1 same here
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    Same for me.

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