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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by xcubbies, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. I've noted various comments my members about travel brushes, but is there any concensus on a decent, affordable model? Yesterday I saw one by Occitane but was taken aback a bit by the price relative to the quality.

    Thanks, Xcubbies
  2. Hi Xcubbies,

    I doubt there is any consensus on this issue. Some people just get a nice regular badger that will fit in their wet pack. However, of the travel brushes available, I'd recommend a turnback style instead of the ones that are enclosed in a screw top cylinder. The open ended turnback allows a slightly damp brush to dry out when travelling. That's handy if you need to hit the road right after a morning shave.

    Cheers, Hal
  3. Hello there, whatever your name happens to be who started this thread.:rolleyes:

    I've been very happy with the Crabtree & Evelyn travel brush in a tube. Just the right size for my travel kit and the brush itself was so good that for about a month it was my main brush for home use as well (till I bought their best badger one).

    It costs about $35 and is a great deal. They come in ersatz ebony & ivory. (
  4. Thanks, guys,
    That Jagger for $35 looks like just the thing for me. Now I need to find someone who sells them in Switzerland. Cheers, Roy
  5. just buy a regular brush and put it in a pill jar or toilet paper roll/plastic bag when you travel.
  6. There's also these options (scroll down to 'Brush Tubes') from Em's place, I thought they were a good idea and will probably invest in one. That way you can just take your favorite brush with you rather than have to invest in a brush especially for travel.
  7. drP



    I wouldn't even think about buying another travel brush then the Major of Simpsons:


    I admit, it's surely not inexpensive, but it'll last you a lifetime.

    I have a few travel brushes in my closet, but none of them equals the beauty and craftmanship of the Major. Hal can concur with this as he has one himself.

    But if you definitely don't want to spend this kinda money on a travel brush you can rely on the various travel brushes from Em's place

    Good luck with making your mind up!!

  8. Kyle

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    I too, have been looking for a good travel brush. Most of the feedback that I have received would indicate that either the Simpson's Major (shown by Peter) or one of the turnback models is the way to go.

    I currently have the Vulfix Nickel Plated model that comes with Nickel plated travel tube and am very disappointed with it. I have posted my thought on it in the review section.
  9. roughrider

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  10. Where's the fun in that? :smile:
  11. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Ditto that. If it doesn't involve buying something new, it's communism.:biggrin:
  12. LOL:lol: Too true, little did I realize upon divng down the rabbit hole that is wet shaving, how bloody expensive it would be!:rolleyes:
  13. Ok so you have your travel brush... but what do you bring with you ?
    a tube of proraso would be sufficient I dont think you would bring out the T&H shave cream jar. so next you are standing in someone elses bathroom or maybe in the Hotel.. where is the travel bowl ? I dont seem anyone mentioning a bowl?
    how do you whip up the lather ? comne to think I can never leave my home now.. this sucks.... Help............ :w00t:
  14. It's not a bad point actually, how do people whip up a lather when travelling?

  15. I have a smallish Nalgene pot which I fill, currently it has Trumpers Rose. I use my face to whip up the lather,
  16. drP



    might be an exellent solution to solve your problem; i have one myself and it fits perfectly well in a wash bag or even better in a Trumpers roll-up wet pack.

  17. I went to the pet store and got their smallest food bowl for dogs, <3" in diameter (and less than $2). It really doesn't take up much extra space in my travel kit because I set my hair goop (okay, pomade) inside the bowl. I wouldn't use it with a Shavemac XXL, but it's perfect for a smaller travel brush (which in my case happens to be that T&H Turnback roughrider mentioned).

  18. BTW, from what I understand Vulfix makes the T&H-branded brushes.

  19. My first wetshaving purchase was the Vision 5 piece set. I just use the bowl from it when I travel. As for creams, I have taken a whole tub but now I have a couple of tubes of cream that I choose from to take with me.

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