Acquisitions Monday January 8 - Sunday January 14

Discussion in 'The Score' started by SSLStudio, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Gents Post your scores of this Week ... lets see what the aftermath of Santa brought you.

    my C&E score:

    Sienna EDT
    Sandalwood Cologne

    Jonathan aftershave gel -free samples
    Biomaris washing lotion -free samples.
  2. Dovo Micarta
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  3. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    Scored this Puma 4/8 off ebay.

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  4. -Muehle Pinsel Pure badger brush (around 21mm)

    -L'occitane soap bowl (a second chance for this awesome smelling product).
  5. Dorco 301 blades 2 x 10
    2 x atomisers
    3 x travel cream pots
    Schick Injector (1937 E2, mint) from ebay

  6. Tinzien

    Tinzien Moderator Emeritus

    2oz. St. Johns Bay Bay Rum EDT + samples
  7. Merkur Progress and various blades --> Thanks TraderJoe

    Merkur Futur (I've used it already) --> Thanks switters
  8. The first straight razor that I actually wish I had. Beautiful.
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  9. Thanks Telly (are you Greek?). Its a great shaver as well.
  10. my score yesterday date codes T and C
  11. Today, I came home from work expecting to have the cologne I had ordered from Scentiments waiting for me. It was. Not only that though, I had been promised some shaving cream samples from Caswell-Massey. It had been a few weeks since then and I had pretty much forgotten about it. They were here too.

    Best of all though, last Thursday evening, I ordered my new BK8 directly from Kent. In England. I'm in Connecticut. This awesome brush was waiting at my door too!! Three business days! Normal carriage charges. WOW! :thumbup:

    The only brush I owned was the EJ Medium Silvertip which I REALLY like. The only thing I don't like about it is, well, it's kinda small. I, umm, guess I fixed that! :biggrin: The BK8 is awesome, as is the presentation case! This brush is HUGE!! Can't imagine what a BK12 is like! Probably bigger than my car!! :eek:

    And soft?! OMG!! Had to try it out (as you can tell from the bloom). I'm gonna need a bigger tub of cream! Tried using the same amount I've been using with the EJ - Mr. Kent just laughed at me and said, "You're going to have to do better than THAT, son!" So, of course, I added more! :w00t: I'm gonna need a bigger bowl too!!!!!!!!

    Next, I'm expecting the B&B Finest. Can hardly wait to see how that one stands up to the competition! I may have to start shaving three times a day...or maybe more body parts! :lol: :lol: :lol: :thumbup1:
  12. From a very pleasant gentleman based in Canada

    2 "Buy It Now" purchases off ebay

    1940s Gillette Tech
    1951 Gillette Superspeed

    Including shipping to the UK, just under £17($32)

    He even enclosed some Israeli Platinums :smile:
  13. castlecraver

    castlecraver Moderator Emeritus

    Enjoy that 40's Tech. That's one of my favorites. Mine looks nowhere near as nice as yours though :thumbup:
  14. Haitian, Venezuelan, Italian.
  15. Interesting mix!

    Actually I asked because your name in Greek is a nickname for Aristotle (Aristotelis).
  16. Yes, I know. I've heard it's a nickname for Theodore and Theophilus as well. I have Greek friend who calls me Telly-opolus as a result.:blush:
  17. George, when we left Israel to come to Canada, we were living in Thessaloniki for a while---what a wonderful city. I go back there almost every year.

  18. Norton 4k/8k... $69 including tax
    Nagura stone
    Radio shack Microscope

    finally I was able to hone my W&B 5/8. It even passed the HHT with the conservative pyramid and 50 laps on the smooth side of my strop. Nice!!! I may not be anywhere near honemeister standards but they shave smooth.


  19. My parents are from Thessaloniki! I haven't gone there for a couple of years now though, and I really miss it. (Go PAOK!)
  20. Merkur Long Handle Classic
    EJ - Super Badger Brush
    Burt's Bees - Bay Rum Shave Soap
    Mama Bear's - Mysore Sandalwood and Ylang, Ylang Shave Soap
    Antique Wooden Shave Soap Box
    Derby Blades/B&B Bonus - Lavender and Menthol Shave Cream

    Not a bad take for my return to DE shaving experience! :cool:

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