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  1. Hello everyone, super excited to change my shaving routine. I've been shaving for about 20 years with Gillette products (started with the sensor, then mach 3, then fusion). Like most in this community, I'm tired of paying the high price of replacement cartridges. So, yesterday I bought a Merkur long handle from The Art of Shaving and some Merkur blaes. I would say my beard is an average-medium thickness. I think I did pretty good with the first shave (thanks to all the advice from everyone on this site), but the blade seemed to pull my beard a bit (and I did cheat around my neck and used the fusion - just wasn't quite ready yet...I admit, I was scared). With that said, can anyone recommend some good blades to try out for a newbie? I don't want to get into anything that may ruin my experience (seems like feather is a popular choice but I'd like to get my technique down before I use something that sharp/aggressive), but just something that is a good smooth blade that doesn't pull and doesn't cause irritation (I do have sensitive skin). Sounds like Astra SP's?? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

    P.S. I did look on ebay last night and picked up a 1956 Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip - as this seemed like a good start for a collection.
  2. First of all welcome to B&B, you are among a great group of people here!

    Blades are probabaly the biggest YMMV aspect of shaving. Different blades work better for different people and in different razors, etc. I would highly suggest getting a sample pack, like the ones listed in the link below, and work your way through those. Be patient as it will take some time to find the right blade for you. Good Luck!

  3. Welcome! You're going to get a ton of answers with various answers on this one. I'd tell ya two things: b
    a) Buy a sampler pack from a vendor here
    b) Rather than shy away from a Feather, use one sooner than later. Yes, you may nick yourself. It will teach you proper pressure faster than any other blade on the market.

  4. Great advice so far, thanks, it's much appreciated and I will try a sampler pack.
  5. Try a feather they're nice blades. I use feathers regularly and astras tear my face up. Another smooth blade that Is more forgiving than a feather is rapira stainless. Derbys are a step above merkurs IMO
  6. The Merkur blades don't often appear on guys "best" list. A bad or dull blade is your worst enemy as it tends to encourage more pressure and additional passes, both of which can result in irritation. I think a sample pack is a good idea but I would stay with one blade type for a period of time as you develop your technique.
  7. Definitely go the sampler pack route; or buy one pack of various blades unless shipping costs are too much. You'll get at least 10 shaves out of the 5 blades in a pack. You'll eventually discover blades that work for you. Welcome to B&B!
  8. I've tried a few in the short time I've been using a DE. I liked the Feathers a lot, and will probably pick up a bulk order once I get my technique down a bit more. Lots of people here rag on Derby's, but I don't think they were all that bad. Not a fan of Sharks. Again, probably technique, but they just pulled and irritated the heck out of my face, particularly my jawline. I've sort of decided that the Astra SP's are going to be my go-to blade, at least while I perfect my technique. I just ordered 100 from Amazon. They seemed plenty sharp for me, and I thought they were a bit more forgiving than the Feathers. I'll probably revisit each of the blades from my sampler once I get my technique down.

    Oh, and welcome to B&B from a fellow newbie.
  9. Welcome to B&B!
  10. Welcome to our happy little family.

    Different blades for different razors and different faces.
    You have to try them to know what suits you so a sample pack is a good idea. I had no issues with Sharks or Astra SP /Astra Stainless in my Gillette New, I don't like Derby or Asco blades, Feathers sound nice and would be worth a try.
    My next blade to try is a Polsilver which I have on the way to me as we speak, they are $$$ but supposed to be great.
    I also have 100 Astra SP blades on the way.
  11. Get a pack of 100 Astra SPs - they are only about $9 for 100 (bestshave.net, ebay) and start from there.

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