15/16 Custom Smiling Edge in Silver Twill G10

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  1. Finished this one up last night. It is a slightly larger than 15/16 smiling edge modified spanish point. Not sure what to call the point, but I really like it and will do more like it in the future. The razor is made out of CruForgeV, which is similar to 10XX steel, but has added vanadium in it to make edge longevity better. I'll say it is a fair bit harder than 10XX steel that I've worked with and the file work alone took 1.5-2 times as long as it would take on 10XX. It was made specially for knife makers, but I must say it took a very nice edge on a razor. Heat treat is pretty much the same as 1084. The razor has a mirror finish on the spine and tang and the blade is more a satin mirror finish.

    The scales are made from silver twill G10 with a yellow/black recon stone wedge. Sits in the pivot with adjustable torx screws. I really like how this one came out.

    Thanks for looking!




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  2. Very cool. I love the silver twill and wedge choice.
  3. I half-expect it to start breathing fire. Nice custom Joe!
  4. :thumbup:
  5. Joe you need to make a nicer razor stand, the folded paper clip just ain't doin your razors justice!!!!

    That is one beefy tang.
  6. Fantastic.
  7. Thanks David!

    Thank you. Fire breathing straight razor - I'll see if I can come up with something....:w00t:

    Thanks Steve!

    I know Bong. I also am playing around with things in my lightbox and don't think the black background works so well. Will have to change it out to white as this razor looks a lot nicer in person. Still trying to figure out the best settings on my camera as well.

    Thanks! This is probably my favorite to date.
  8. I like the vertical heel notch, it adds accent to the overall shape, and is different than your slanted heel notches as of late.

    Keep them coming!
  9. Vicious lookIng little devil. Nice work!
  10. Wicked! I love it!
  11. I'd like to see that in Rex 121.
  12. Wow !!!!

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