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  2. jamesearthdrum

Den inventory as of March 27, 2021
Hoffritz slant
OmniRazor (2)
Micromatic One
Muhle Taos R106 Short Black handle (Stocking stuffer from SWMBO)
AT&T S1 and S2 Slant w/Colossus handle (daily shaver)
Merkur Futur (the first DE I purchased)
Merkur 39C
Merkur 37C
Razorock Slab
Stirling 3P2
Fatip Grande Chrome
Old Type OC
Red Tip C1
Super Speed T1, black handle
Travel New N2, short and long handle
Rolls Razor Imperial #2
Gem Junior SE
Valet Auto Strop
Weck Sextoblade
Feather SS
IBC Shavette
Focus R21-2 shavette
Fine White plastic slant
Clark and Hall vintage straight
Bohersgo 101 sight unseen straight (rescaled by Kujitech Ltd. 10/29/2020)

PC Woodcraft Box Elder Burl best badger
Semogue SOC Boar brush
Semogue 2000 boar
Body Shop synthetic
Kent H8 Silvertip faux horn handle
Vie Long Beehive Butterscotch Horse hair
AOS Pure Badger
Whipped Dog Synthetic, Burl handle
Whipped Dog 30mm synthetic
Mr. Boss Silvertip Badger, zebra handle
Rudy Vey 2014 LE Shavemac D01 two band knot #4/50
Rudy Vey GOT Brianne 26mm synthetic
Rudy Vey GOT the Imp 30 x 72mm best badger
Rudy Vey GOT Arya 24 x 68mm HMW Badger
Rudy Vey Contributors brush '20 24 x 51 Best Badger
Rudy Vey 2020 Group Buy 22 x 48 Shavemac 2 band Silver Tip
B&B Limited Boar brushes
Frost Blue,Red,Gold Flake,Gray Glitter,Seafoam,Sue Moore 2013,10th Anniversary
Victoria Pure Bristles Blue, Green, Red
Gugerart Shaving with Satan Synthetic
No Name Badger (PIFed)

Creams (tube):
Old Spice Fresh Lime
Derby Lemon
Palmolive Classic 10/30/2020-12/30/2020
Proaso White
Cotes Superior Rose
Old Spice Classic

TOBS Grapefruit
TOBS Lemon Lime
TOBS Eaton College
Body Shop Maca Root
Captain's Choice Lime
Geo Trumpers GTF 6/16 - 9/12/2020
TOBS Avocado 3/30/2020 - 6/15/2020

Nancy Boy Blossomwood 1/1/2019 - 3/16/2019
St. James of London Mandrin and Patchouli
Lush Ambrosia
TOBS Mr. Taylor's

Cyril R. Salter Sublime Citrus

La Toja, (stick)
Palmolive Classic (stick)
Derby Berber Trias Sabunu (stick)
Mike's Barbershop
Arko (stick)
Stirling; Slot's Pine Sheep
Mystic Waters Barbershop
An Unknown Sample
Old Spice Original in a mug
Soap Commander RESPECT
Panna Cream Nameste
Panna Cream Ebano
Saint Charles Shave Fairway (2)
Vitos extra super Sapone per Barba 3/27/2021
Soap Commander ENDURANCE 12/31/2020 -3/25/2021
Captains Choice 45th Parallel (sample)10/20/20- 10/26/2020
Saint Charles Shave Refined (sample) 10/12/2020 - 10/18/2020
Mama Bears Lemon Ice sample 9/16/2020-10/10/2020

Napa Shave Co. Ocean Blend 3/18/2019 -6/16/2019
Mike's Peppermint (stick)
LA Shaving Soap; Bespoke #1
Saint Charles Shave Fairway
Fine Italian Citrus
Mama Bears Sandalwood Rose sample

CB Lindsay "Veg" soap
Otoko Organics
Napa Soap Co.; Ocean Blend, Honey Jar, Pear Secco sample
Cella 100gm block
Panna Cream Nameste
CB Lindsay Lilac

RazoRock; P.160
Mitchell's Wool Fat 6/18/2019-1/05/2020
Bebe Lush Shave Soap, Bay Rum, Orange and Clove 1/05/2020-03/30/2020

Panna Cream Nameste (PIFed)

Shave Gels:
Razorock Lime shave lube
Boots #7 shave gel
Bee Bald Head shave gel 1/7- 11/25/2019

After Shave Splash:
Bootleggers Bay Rum
Bootleggers Lime Bay Rum
Bootleggers Green Freeze
Fine; Italian Citrus
Floids; Blue
St. Charles Shave; Fairway (2)
Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal
Captain's Choice North
CB Lindsay Hand Crafted Bay Rum
Pinaud Clubman; Special Reserve
Fine; American Blend, L'Orange Noir
Bootleggers Artic Lime
Bootleggers Lime Bay Rum
Bootleggers El Dorado

Bootleggers Perfecto

After Shave Balms:
Emm's Bay Rum after shave balm
Nancy Boy Blossomwood
Captains Choice Sandalwood (sample)
Castel Forbes, sans alcohol
Geo Trumpers; Coral Skin Tonic
Soap Commander ENDURANCE
Soap Commander RESPECT
Bee Bald Health for Head and Face 1/7-11/25/2019
Emm's Bay Rum
Geo Trumpers; Coral Skin Tonic

Pre-shave oil;
Village Barber 100% Pure & Natural Shaving Oil

(14) PolySilver Super Iridium
(20) PolySilver Stainless
(10) Personna Platinum
(10) Vidyut Super Max Stainless
(5) Voshkod Teflon Coated
(5) Rapira Swedish Supersteel
(15) Astra SuperiorPlatinum
(10) Gillette 7 O'Clock Blacks
(20) Gillette Blue Blades in a dispenser
(10) Gillette Silver Blue
(10) Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus
(29) Feather New Hi-Stainless
(20) Micro One Touch
(1) Treet Platinum
(44) Feather Professional
(99) Perma Sharp
(57) Personna Hair Shaper
(10) American Saftey Blade SE

Straight Razor Designs stop
Straight razor Designs rosen
Symmetrical Pottery lidded shave bowl, squares (http://www.badgerandblade.com/gallery/displayimage.php?imageid=50265)
Symmetrical Pottery small lidded shave bowl, swirls (http://www.badgerandblade.com/gallery/displayimage.php?imageid=50241)
AOS shave bowl
AOS sandalwood sampler; pre shave oil, shaving cream, badger brush, after shave balm
Captain's Choice shave bowl
Captains Choice Heavy copper bowl
Georgetown Pottery G20 Scuttle
Earth Cut Pottery shave bowl
Guyold Designs silicone travel bowl set


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