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Razors (current)

Merkur 37C Slant
Edwin Jagger DE89L
Gillette Fatboy (E1)
Gillette Slim Adjustable (I1)
Schick L type Injector
Schick M type Adjustable Injector

Razors (former)
48-50 Gillette Super Speed
Gillette NEW Deluxe with BRW "Improved" Handle
Gillette Aristocrat #15

Bowls and Scuttles
Ayars Lather Bowl (Waterfall Design, Sara Bonnyman)
Moss Scuttle (Waterfall Design, Sara Bonnyman)
Prototype 3017 Soap Dish (Sara Bonnyman)
3017 Soap Dish, Artist's Proof (Sara Bonnyman)

Shaving Brushes (current)
Simpson "55" in Best
Simpson "56" in Best
Simpson "57" in Best
Simpson "58" in Best
Simpson "59" in Best
Simpson Eagle G3, B&B Custom, in Best
Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic
Simpson Berkeley in Best
Simpson Classic 1 in Best
Simpson Rover 2 LE in Best
Simpson Gary Young Limited Edition (Light) in 3 Band Super
Simpson "Hive" in Manchurian
Simpson Beaufort 4 in Pure
Simpson X1L in Best (Somerset, Nimmer Mill, circa 1970)
Simpson Keyhole 4 in Best (Somerset, Ilminster)
Simpson 58 in Best (Somerset, Ilminster)
Simpson Rover 2 in Pure (Somerset, Ilminster, but made by former staff from Nimmer Mill)
Simpson Eagle 2 in Pure (Somerset, Ilminster, but made by former staff from Nimmer Mill)
Rooney Heritage Beehive 1
Kent Infinity Silvertex
DR Harris Synthetic
Body Shop Synthetic
Semogue 1470 Boar
Rudy Vey B&B 2011 Limited Edition
Rudy Vey custom "Cascade" with 25 mm Mühle synthetic knot
B&B Essential Boar (in B&B Blue)
Vintage Vulfix Boar
Plisson Synthetic for L'Occitane

Shaving Brushes (former)
Simpson Keyhole 2 in Best
Shavemac 177 25 mm in Finest
Rooney Heritage Victorian
Crabtree & Evelyn Best Badger Brush
Savile Row 3322 in Silvertip
Semogue 1250 Boar
Simpson Duke 3 in Best
Semogue 1520 Boar
Rudy Vey B&B 2012 Limited Edition
Rooney 2/1 in Super Silvertip (2)
Rooney 1/1 Finest
Rooney Heritage Stubby 1
Rooney Heritage Alibaba 1
Rooney 2/1 in Faux Horn
Savile Row 3824 in Silvertip
Savile Row 3722 in Silvertip
Savile Row 3118 in Silvertip
Kent BLK4
Kent BK8
Semogue 620 Boar
Semogue Owners Club Boar, Cherry wood handle
Omega 31064 Boar
Omega 81052 Boar
Omega 10081 Boar
Omega 10099 Boar
Vulfix 2234 in Super
Vie-Long Butterscotch Beehive in Natural Horse
Vie-Long Zurrito Blanco
Plisson Black Handled, Size 10 in European White Badger
Vintage Blades 20 mm Finest Badger in Faux Ivory
Simpson Polo 10 in Best (Somerset, Ilminster)
Simpson Tulip 2 in 2 Band Super
Simpson Emperor 2 in 3 Band Super
Simpson Chubby 2 in Best
Kent Vintage KS8 in Cased Boar
Simpson M7 in 3 Band Super
Rudy Vey custom in Black Buffalo Horn with 23 mm/48 mm Shavemac 3 band D01 knot
Rudy Vey custom in Black Buffalo Horn with 23 mm/52 mm Omega boar knot
Simpson Harvard 4 in Best
Simpson Wee Scot in Best
Simpson Milk Churn 2 in Best
Simpson Duke 3 in Best
Simpson P8 in Best (Shave Nook LE)
Simpson "60" in Best (Somerset, Nimmer Mill)
Simpson 57 in Best (Somerset, shedding like a collie in July, and in desperate need of a reknot)
Simpson Harvard 2 in Best (Somerset, Ilminster, but made by former staff from Nimmer Mill)
Simpson Jubilee in Manchurian
Simpson Gary Young Limited Edition (Dark) in 3 Band Super
Simpson Harvard 3 in Best
Simpson Persian Jar 2 in Super (Somerset, Ilminster)
Semogue 1305 Boar

Blades that Work for Me
Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (Black)
Gillette Bleue Extra
Shark Super Chrome
Bic Chrome
Super Iridium
Red Israeli Personna
Medical Prep Personna
Chinese-made Schick Injectors


Shaving Creams (Current)


Shaving Creams (Finished, Binned or Passed Along)
Trumpers Lime
Trumpers Coconut Oil
Trumpers Rose
Trumpers Sandalwood
Cyril Salter Sublime Citrus
The Body Shop Cream (Original)
The Body Shop Maca Root Cream
Castle Forbes Lime (2)
Shulton Old Spice Lime
TOBS Shaving Shop
TOBS St. James (2)
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet
Acqua di Parma
Acca Kappa 1869 (tub)
Palmolive Classic
Queen Charlotte Soaps Lavender
Castle Forbes Lavender
Noxzema Lather Shave Cream
Simpson Luxury Shaving Cream (unscented)
C.O. Bigelow (Proraso)
Musgo Real Oakmoss
Penhaligon's Endymion
D.R. Harris Rose
Musgo Real Lavender
Derby Lemon
T&H Grafton
Huntlee Super Smooth/Wickham Soap Works South Sea Spray
Coate's Sandalwood
Kent Luxury
Musgo Real Classic
Stone Cottage Soapworks Fougère (Sample)
Coate's Almond
Palmolive "Refreshing" with Menthol
Coate's Lime
Tabula Rasa Steampunk
Nivea Sensitive
St. James of London Lavender & Geranium
Provence Sante Green Tea
Coate's Lavender
Coate's Rose
Trumpers Violet
Old Spice
Coate's Tea Tree
Simpson Cafè Latte
TOBS Royal Forest

Shaving Soaps (Current)

Geo F Trumper Violet
DR Harris Windsor
DR Harris Arlington in LE Bowl
Vintage Wrisley (2)
C&E Sweet Almond Oil (U*)
AOS Lavender, tallow (3) (U)
AOS Unscented, tallow
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, Tallow first (U)
Penhaligon's Sartorial
Taconic Bay Rum
L'Occitane Cade
Musgo Real
Hershey Cocoa Butter (U)
SCS Fairway (3) -- Thanks, Sam!

Vintage Williams
Vintage Colgate
Wilkinson's Sword
Lea (tallow and lanolin)
Sir Irisch Moos (U)
QED Rosie (U)


Soaps (Finished, Binned or Passed Along and not Re-Stocked)

Gold Dachs Rivivage
L'Occitane Cade
Acca Kappa White Moss
DR Harris Almond
Institut Karite
Haslinger Marigold
La Toja Manantiales
Czech & Speake #88
C&E Nomad
C&E Sienna
Floris #89
TOBS Shaving Shop
QED Special 218
Vintage Paislay's Lavender
Creed Green Irish Tweed
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (Tallow fifth)
Martin de Candre Unscented
RazoRock Napoleon's Violet
Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge
Art of Shaving Lemon
SCS Coconut Cream
SCS Bay Rum with a Twist
SCS Lemon Verbena
SCS Cranberry
Haslinger Coconut
Mitchell's Wool Fat
Simpson Unscented
Captain Fawcett's
Penhaligon's English Fern
SCS Bulgarian Lavender
SCS New Spice
Haslinger Schafsmilch
Provence Sante Green Tea
Martin de Candre Scented
Boellis Panama 1924 (Full Brick)
Mike's Lime
SCS Mochaccino
SCS Refined with Menthol
Vito's Classic (50 g sample)
SCS Rose Damascena
AOS Sandalwood, veggie
Stone Cottage Shaving Hesperidè
Mystic Water Windjammer (sample)
Mystic Water Marrakesh (sample)
Mystic Water Sardinian Honey (sample)
Mystic Water Jeff's Lavender (sample)
Mystic Water Prospect Creek (sample)
Stone Cottage Shaving Coconut Sandalwood
Vito's Extra Super with Cocco (sample)
Mystic Water Brown Windsor
The Gentleman's Quarter Oak & Moss
Vito's Extra Super (sample)
TGQ Tambotti Wood (sample)
TGQ Highlander (sample)
TGQ Sandalwood & Vanilla (sample)
Vintage Williams
Vintage Colgate Cup Soap
Martin de Candre Fougère
Mystic Water Tea Tree and Blue Gum
Vintage Old Spice
Vintage Houbigant Fougère Royale
Vintage Hershey's Cocoa Butter Soap
Vintage Yardley
Vintage Palmolive
Floris JF
TOBS Jermyn Street
Ogallala Bay Rum
SCS Refined
Pre de Provence 63
Geo F Trumper Rose (2)
BebeLush Bay Rum
SCS Sandalwood

Mama Bear's Lime
Mama Bear's Dublin Tweed
Gentlemen's Best
Gentlemen's Best Chilled
Ogallala Bay Rum
DR Harris Arlington
QED Luxury Lather
La Toja
QED Bathtub Gin

Floïd Blue
Booster Polar Ice
Lucky Tiger AS

Aftershaves (Finished, Binned or Passed Along and not Re-stocked)
Feather Kanwa ASB
L'Occitane L'Occitan ASB
L'Occitane Eau de Baux ASB
Nivea Sensitive ASB
Castle Forbes Lavender ASB
Trumpers Coral Skin Food
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet ASB
Penhaligon's Endymion ASB
Caldey Island Lavender AS
Acca Kappa White Moss AS
Simpson Skin Food
La Toja ASB
La Toja Manantiales ASB
Institut Karite ASB
TOBS Shaving Shop AS Gel
SCS Lime AS Splash
DR Harris Aftershave Milk
TOBS St. James AS
Vera Wang for Men ASB
444 ASB
Caldey Abbey Island Fern AS
DR Harris Windsor Splash
Vintage Shulton Old Spice ASL
Indian Shulton Old Spice ASL
SCS Lime AS Milk
L'Occitane Cade ASB
DR Harris Pink AS

3017 Soap Tally (with ratings)
Valobra stick (finished): 4/18/10-4/24/10 (**)
Gold Dachs: 4/26/10-6/19/10 (*)
SCS Chilled Stick: 6/30/10-7/28/10 (**)
AoS Lavender: 7/29/10-10/14/10 (***)
L'Occitane Cade: 11/1/10-1/17/11 (*)
Mitchell's Wool Fat: 1/18/11-5/26/11 (**)
Vintage Williams: 7/4/11-8/3/11 (***)
Acca Kappa White Moss: 8/4/11-9/11/11 (*)
DR Harris Almond: 9/12/11-12/27/11 (***)
Institut Karite: 1/1/12-2/4/12 (**)
Haslinger Marigold: 2/5/12-2/18/12 (**)
SCS Refined: 2/12/12-3/5/12 (**)
Castle Forbes Lavender: 3/6/12-4/3/12 (*)
La Toja Manantiales: 4/9/12-6/10/12 (***)
Czech & Speake 88 (1.25 travel pucks): 6/11/12-7/10/12 (**)
DR Harris Arlington stick: 7/11/12-8/17/12 (**)
Geo. F. Trumper Rose: 9/1/12-12/2/12 (**)
Simpson Luxury Shave Cream: 12/3/12-12/31/12 (**)
RazoRock Napoleon's Violet: 1/1/13-1/26/13 (**)
Czech & Speake Oxford and Cambridge: 2/1/13-3/19/13 (***)
SCS Coconut Cream: 3/20/13-3/20/13 (1 and done as it did not agree with my skin)
SCS Bay Rum with a Twist: 3/21/13-4/3/13 (**)
AoS Lemon: 4/4/13-6/13/13 (***)
Noxzema Lather Shave Cream: 6/14/13-6/27/13 (**)
C.O. Bigelow Cream: 6/28/13-7/14/13 (**)
Boellis Panama 1924 Soap (Half Brick, 85 g): 7/17/13-8/12/13 (**)
SCS Mochaccino Soap: 8/13/13-8/30/13 (**)
Musgo Real Oakmoss (partial): 9/2/13-9/20/13 (*** for performance; * for scent)
SCS Fairway: 9/21/13-10/5/13 (**)
Penhaligon's English Fern: 10/6/13-1/20/14 (***)
Mitchell's Wool Fat: 1/21/14-3/20/14 (***)
Simpson Unscented Soap: 3/30/14-5/12/14 (*)
Captain Fawcett's Luxurious Shave Soap: 6/13/14-7/27/14 (*)
TOBS St. James Cream: 8/1/14-8/18/14 (**)
Coate's Sandalwood Cream: 8/19/14-9/3/14 (**)
Truefitt & Hill Grafton Cream: 9/4/14-9/23/14 (**)
SCS New Spice Soap: 9/30/14-11/12/14 (**)
Provence Sante Green Tea: 11/13/14-1/18/15 (***)
Martin de Candre Scented: 2/1/15-4/11/15 (**)
Boellis Panama 1924 Soap (Half Brick, 85 g): 4/12/15-7/11/15 (***)
C.O. Bigelow Cream (small tube): 7/12/15-8/5/15 (**)
Mike's Lime: 8/6/15-9/22/15 (*)
Wickham Soap Works South Sea Spray: 9/23/15-10/27/15 (**)
Coate's Lime: 10/28/15-11/10/15 (**)
Vito's Classic: 11/11/15-11/25/15 (**)
Musgo Real Classic Cream: 11/26/15-12/8/15 (***)
Stone Cottage Soapworks Fougère Cream: 12/9/15-12/28/15 (***)
Geo F. Trumper Violet Soap: 12/29/15-8/12/16 (*)
Coate's Almond: 12/29/15-1/28/16 (**)
Coate's Lavender: 1/29/16-2/19/16 (**)
Palmolive Rinfrescante: 8/13/16-9/26/16 (**)
Coate's Lime: 9/27/16-10/12/16 (**)
Old Spice Cream: 10/13/16-11/5/16 (**)
Tabula Rasa Steampunk: 11/7/16-12/5/16 (**)
Nivea Sensitive Cream: 12/6/16-1/17/17 (**)
St. James of London Lavender & Geranium: 1/18/17-3/15/17 (**)
Provence Sante Green Tea Cream: 3/16/17-3/24/17 (*)
Coate's Rose: 3/25/17-4/17/17 (**)
Geo F. Trumper Violet Cream: 4/18/17-5/23/17 (**)
Old Spice Cream: 4/29/17-6/8/17 (**)
Coate's Tea Tree: 4/29/17-6/18/17 (***)
Coate's Tea Tree: 6/19/17-7/3/17 (***)
Mystic Water Brown Windsor: 7/4/17-8/11/17 (**)
The Gentleman's Quarter Oak & Moss: 8/12/17-8/28/17 (**)
Cella: 8/29/17-10/12/17 (*)
Vito's Extra Super: 10/13/17-11/2/17 (***)
The Gentleman's Quarter Samples: 11/3/17-11/15/17 (**)
SCS Refined: 11/16/17-12/9/17 (**)
Mystic Water Tea Tree & Blue Gum: 12/11/17-2/6/18 (***)
QED Bathtub Gin Shave Stick: 2/7/18-3/1/18 (**)
Simpson Cafè Latte Cream: 3/2/18-5/3/18 (***)
Floris JF: 5/4/18-10/8/18 (**)
TOBS Jermyn Street: 10/9/18-1/9/19 (***) -->puck is only partially finished, going back for more later
DR Harris Arlington: 1/9/19-7/19/19 (**)
TOBS Jermyn Street (cont’d): 7/29/19-9/17/19 (***)
Ogallala Bay Rum: 9/18/19-12/9/19 (**)
SCS Refined: 12/10/19-12/30/19 (**)
Pre de Provence #63: 12/31/19-7/8/20 (***)
Trumper Rose: 7/9/20-10/27/20 (**)
Bebelush Bay Rum: 10/28/20-11/25/20 (**)
Taylor of Old Bond Street St. James: 11/26/20-1/15/21 (**)
SCS Sandalwood: 1/16/21-2/7/21 (**)
Taylor of Old Bond Street Royal Forest: 2/8/21-3/31/21 (**)
Trumper Violet Soap: 4/1/21-??????????

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