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Gillette Black Tip Super Speed

Manufacturer: Gillette

Dates in Production: 1951-1952

Type: DE, TTO

Weight: 36-46 g

Description: Variation of the 40's Style Super Speed with a black plastic TTO knob. The Black Tip was produced with an aluminum handle, or a steel handle. These were made in this way due to a brass shortage at the time. Aluminum and steel handles are most easily differentiated by viewing the upper part of the handle, or by testing with a magnet.

Notes of Interest: Handle and head variety is not solely limited to those listed below. A razor stamped W-4 could have either an aluminum or steel handle, and examples have also been found with steel parts in the razor head.

From Maxime D.
  • 1951 (W2): 48-g, steel handle with nickel plated head
From Mr Razor:
  • 1951 (W3): 43-g, aluminum handle with nickel-plated shoulder
  • 1951 (W4): 46-g, steel handle with nickel-plated head
  • 1952 (X1): 39-g, aluminum handle
  • 1952 (X3): 45-g, steel handle with steel baseplate
From @REV579:
  • 1951 (W4): 39-g, Aluminum handle
  • 1952 (X2): 46-g, Steel handle with Nickel plated head

Aluminum X1 on left, Steel handle W4 on right


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