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This category lists all Simpson shaving brushes.

Simpson's offers over a dozen individual styles of shaving brushes, from the tiny Wee Scot to the mammoth Polo Series. The brushes vary in price from the entry-level Case and Special brushes to the mid-range Commodore and Colonel to the Tulip, Polo, and Persian Jar at the high end.

All modern Simpson's brushes are made with a hand-tied badger hair knot set into a resin handle, with a gold and black Simpson's decal. The name or number of the brush style appears on each handle. Older brushes used lampblack, until the company's acquisition by Progress Vulfix. Brushes made after that point are etched and painted instead.

Simpson's produces badger hair brushes in various grades, including "pure", "best", "super", "super two-band", and "manchurian". Some brushes are available in more than one grade. The two-band super hair and the manchurian hair may not always be available. The company sometimes offers limited-edition brushes with distinctive hair, handles, or combinations of both.

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