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  2. Gillette NEW Razors

This category lists Gillette razors made with the NEW head design, including the NEW De Luxe. Gillette introduced razors with the NEW head design in 1929, and continued to produce variants until 1940. There were three main variants of the NEW head design: De Luxe, long-comb, and short-comb. The image gallery on this page includes a comparison photo of the long-comb and short-comb variants.

All NEW razors were three-piece double-edge designs. Most had short threading, although some NEW Deluxe razors had long threading. Some UK variants even had a clip to retain the threaded knob, turning them into two-piece razors.

The NEW razors were initially manufactured without any patent numbers. Later examples are stamped with three patents.

  • "REISSUE PAT. NO. 17567" (US0RE017567). This US patent was originally numbered 1658435 (US1658435) and was issued to Henry J. Gaisman of Auto Strop, as part of his development of the Probak razor and blade brand. This patent covered the studs used by the Probak and Goodwill razors, and the rails used by the NEW. Filed 6 Oct 1923; issued 7 Feb 1928; reissue application 19 Nov 1929; reissued 14 Jan 1930.
  • "PAT. NO. 1815745" (US1815745). Filed by Ralph Thompson for Gillette, this patent covers the reinforced corners of the NEW cap. Filed 25 Apr 1929; refiled 3 Dec 1930; issued 21 July 1931.
  • "PAT. NO. 1858316" (US1858316). Filed by Ralph Thompson for Gillette, this patent covers blade modifications to accomodate the reinforced corners of the NEW cap. Filed 30 Jul 1930; issued 17 May 1932.

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