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Aftershaves for combination skin

This is an article about aftershaves suitable for people with combination/mixed complexion skin, it was written by Austin. For articles on other skin types, please see the Aftershaves page.

My skin type seems to change with the seasons. My T-zone seems to be oilier than my jaw line and cheeks. During the spring and summer months, my skin produces more oil to my T-zone. During the fall and winter months, my T-zone is dry. I have to be careful what products I use with my skin type. Preparation is important to all shavers. Most failed or uncomfortable shaves can be attributed to poor preparation. Take you time and you will be rewarded with a very satisfying shave.
  • Pre-shave: Soak my brush in hot water while I take a shower. Prepare shave cream/soap. Rinse face with warm and lather accordingly.
  • Post-shave: Rinse face with warm water and then cold water. Apply AS/balm to my wet face.

The following is a list of my current favorite after-shave products. These products AB/AS work for me and can possibly work for you:

D.R. Harris Aftershave Milk
The original milk. Unfortunately, it has been reformulated and several members have commented that it is now a heavy balm. The original was very thin and provided a very soothing and light balm. It was actually thinner than a balm but heavier than a splash. Harris Milk is very soothing on my skin. I apply a pea size drop to my wet face and it absorbs very quickly. I does not leave any type of film or sealant. It has no alcohol.
The scent is very light and powdery. The scent dissipates in less than 2 minutes and will not clash with your cologne.

Hydrolast Wet Shave Conditioner
I have both the Peppermint and Lime & Green Tea formulation. This product has been maligned in the past because of the cost and the amount of product. The small tub hold 2oz. You would think that this small container will be used in no time at all. Contrarily, this product will last you a long time. All that is needed is a minuscule amount for every shave.

Hydrolast is not a heavy balm. I apply a small dab of my finger to the palm of my hand. I then apply it to my wet face. I spread it over my chin, neck and jaw line. It spreads easily and absorbs well. It is very moisturizing and my skin feels great post-application.

Peppermint is very refreshing. I enjoy using it in the spring and summer when I need a refreshing balm. Lime & Green Tea has a very subtle lime scent. The scent dissipates almost immediately. I like using balms and aftershaves that disappear quickly.

Availability: Enchante online

Jason 6-in-1 Beard & Skin Therapy
This is a much underrated product that is available at many local health stores. Jason is not a balm but closer to a gel. For you gents looking for a natural product, here it is. This is a good product for razor burn and skin irritations. I have even used it for sunburns. It contains Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients. A plus for this product is it also contains sunscreen for UV protection. I use about a drop on a wet face. A little goes a long way. The bottle will probably last me about 2 years.

The scent is light and very pleasant. It reminds me of barber shops when I was a kid. It is very refreshing.

The plastic bottle holds 8oz. and the cost is less than $10. and can be bought at most health stores

Lucky Tiger After-Shave Toner
This is another underrated product. Lucky Tiger is very similar to Jason Beard Therapy. Both are gels and the scents are similar. The real difference is in the ingredients. This one also has Aloe Vera and Chamomile. Lucky Tiger also has Witch Hazel. I apply this the same as Jason. Again a little goes a long way. This bottle will also last me a good while. The scent has some citrus but is very similar to Jason Beard Therapy. I have a suspicion that this is the same product as Jason Beard Therapy.

The plastic bottle holds 8oz of this gel. The cost is under $15 and is available at Nordstrom's, Whole foods, etc. Review

Mama Bear's Cucumber Milk
I was lucky enough to have Joel send me a beta bottle of Cucumber Milk. Unfortunately, due to ingredient costs it is not available for purchase.

Cucumber Milk is a liquid formulation. It is runny and makes you think that it must not be very moisturizing. This would be farthest from the truth. I find this product very moisturizing and refreshing. I apply this product on a wet face. I hope to get quite a few uses out of this bottle before I run out. The scent is a very refreshing cucumber. A very nice pick me up.

Availability: Good news! Sue has created an unscented and a Lavender Milk. Get it directly from Mama Bears.

Saint Charles Shave Lavender Aftershave Milk
This is probably my favorite aftershave. Sue has created a wonderful aftershave Milk that I really like. Lavender Milk has a liquid consistency. I tend to use a drop on a wet face. It absorbs well into my skin well. It leaves my face moisturized and feeling great. This bottle will probably last me for a year or more. The scent is lovely Lavender with a hint of mint. The scent does not linger very long.

It comes in a triangular 3oz bottle. The cost is less than $10 from Saint Charles Shave.

Honorable Mention
Due to limitations of time and space, I have left out a number of excellent products that work well with my skin type. If you have a chance, try these other great products:
  • D.R. Harris Pink Aftershave Review
  • Baxter Aftershave Balm Review
  • Anthony's Aftershave Balm
  • Sharps Daily Prep Skin Tuner
  • Charles Tyrwhitt Lemon & Cedar Balm (Unfortunately no longer available)
  • Amenity Ahh Aftershave balm
There are many products available today. I am sure I have missed a few. Nevertheless, I find these products work well for my skin type. What works for me may not work for you. Try several products until you find what works best for you. Good luck.

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