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Kai & Henson
Tuesday Morning Shave Dalliance

Broke out the Atomic Rocket for Big Brush Week. Four shaves in on the GEM Blade and it's prime
smoothness territory. Overall a wonderful shave.

Valet Autostrop VC2 Razor (Modified)
S C Bignoli Liquirizia e Mente Soap
PAA Atomic Rocket Brush
GEM SS PTFE Blade (4X)
Pinaud Classic Vanilla Splash

LT Piver Reve d' Or Lotion


Old Hippie

Somewhere between 61 and dead
Back from the road; catchin' up...

SOTD: Monday June 10, 2024
Razor(s): Rex Konsul/Focus Slim Al
Blade(s): Dorco Prime (1)/Dorco 1/2 (2)
Brush: Omega 10005
Soap: Peppermint Trip

The road shaves were handled with a RazoRock Superslant L3SB on a West Coast Shaving 84S handle; brush is a RazoRock Beehive synthetic "lather mop." The soap was Yardley Oatmeal and Almond. Decent shaves, although on the one that mattered most (of course) I zapped a mosquito bite and earned a nice red scar. So I let it have a few days to calm down, and shaved once I was back home. All better.

This morning's shave, like Friday's a week ago, I took the opportunity to blade up the old Focus Slim Al shavette. I used it to clean up my cheeks and temples. Just something different to do, and a chance to play with a shavette and not commit to the Full Nanaimo. :)

2nd shave today with Muhle R41. I recently got just the head from SouthAmericanRainforest.com. It's mounted on a Henson aluminum handle.

Two great shaves so far! I've proceeded with caution and so far had no cuts or nicks. Both shaves with a feather blade on its 1st and 2nd uses. TOBS Jermyn Street cream. Pretty happy with this razor!
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