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Voting thread for contest #8 Funniest Shave Poem

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Contest #8 Funniest Shave Poem

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Wanting for wisdom
I did vote Jim. But I agree . . . so many folks fired in so many poems more conclusive would be nice. I liked the patter that was the G&S one . . . but other than that heck I like Cat n hat stuff. . . I am sam . . . sam I am . . . etc.

would you would you with some soap.
please don't please don't cut your throat.
soften soften this is not a dare.
tis not a secret and we will share
lay a steamed cloth cross your throat
hairs will soften . . .you old goat.
care please now as we slice your throat
Pass your razor from side to side . . .
contemplate not . . . using formaldehyde
we keep us all safe with Barbarcide
Happy Happy we will be
as we enjoy the soaps so free . .
faces smile with the foam so far
almost mystic as they are.
Happy Happy is my fate.
friends in this room are so great
Damn early just not late
Smile Smile . . . this is me . . .
love you dudes as you see .

Thunder thunder . . . here it comes . . so I am off in a run

Not open for further replies.
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