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Single Ring/Old Type Slightly Different?

I bought this Single Ring/Old Type on ebay a couple of days ago and thought it was a bit unusual.

The serial number is on the handle E244863

It has the diamond gillette logo stamped on the blade holder and comb head.

and on the bottom of the box it has information about the limited license patent 23763 of 1902.

Can anybody give me more information on it?




Thanks guys.
It's odd compared to the American examples, but it all seems to be normal for early British Single Rings. I posted about one that I have here with a serial number very close to yours.

The patent number that you see there is the British one. And my personal theory on the serial number is that at that point they were using the "E" prefix to designate "England," but I don't have anything more than observations of examples to substantiate that idea. They clearly aren't from the same period the the American plant would have been using the "E" prefix in their series.
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