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LAMIX: Germany vs. Turkey

Lamix DE blades are sold only in Brazil , but Brazilian vendors...A few years ago they were made in Germany. Those had the same " shave feel " as Cromas do , and I never thought they were much above mediocre in quality. Now Lamix has switched to Turkish blades ,are these rebranded Blue Birds or Derby's ??? ,I have no idea ,but they do shave better than the old version.I got 4 nice shaves ,using 4 types of cream/soap and 4 different razors,the blade worked great in all of them.Brazilian blades are tough to get,most all of them are blades from Pakistan ,
rebranded for Brazilian vendors..Schick and Gillette once had factories there, Schick is long gone and if Gillette is still there they are making landfill razors and multi-blade cartridges.


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In another thread it is mentioned that you can get these blades out of England. Do you think that they are the same blades as you have/had?
This Lamix blade years ago was made in Germany and I liked it very much.
Even if it was the new blade made in Turkey by the Derby company I would consider it but it is no longer found?
They don't even sell it in Brazil and the South American market anymore?
Of course I guess it is difficult and not possible to buy them in the U.S.
However, I wanted to see if they were still commercially available.
Hopefully, someday these blades will also return to the U.S. and European markets.
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